Follow up email is something that every real estate company should do to maintain the relationship between them and their potential clients. I usually think that there’s no better way of contacting the clients and potential clients to make sure they are involved and eventually increase chances of closing a sale.

Over the years, emails have become the most popular and preferred communication method. Though, emails are very helpful when they are incorporated together with phone calls and personal contacts.

Consider the emails that you are already sending to your leads and see whether you can be opening them when they come to your inbox. Would you even respond to them if at all you managed to open them and to see what is included?

The fact is that service and product consumers have inboxes full of texts both promotional and private messages. This means that maybe they hardly have enough time to read all the messages. In this pool of emails, you need to be unique for them to prioritize your messages.

Actually, you need to follow the best practices which would eventually ensure your emails outshine the rest. Essentially, people don’t delete messages that interest them.
To work well and to reduce the workload, you can contact a good email marketing company such as Happy Grasshopper. You just have to make sure that the company you go for doesn’t only cater to marketers and brands, the company should be designed to get results for sales people regardless of whether you are a realtor or insurance agent.

The value of sending a follow-up email

As I had already indicated, the act of sending follow-up email is a great way for the company to connect with its buyers especially those that have a longer frame and a drip campaign.

Most real estate marketers use real estate drip campaigns in direct marketing to make sure they acquire clients through nurture leads. Actually, you may receive additional leads that may not be at a place to buy or sell immediately. Nurturing these leads can draw them closer to a transaction. Email follow-up is the best way to nurture them.

According to statistics, about 23% of buyers prefer email communication because of their advantages. Actually, emails don’t take long to compose. Furthermore, buyers find them very easy to read and reply. Below are some additional reasons why email follow-up is an excellent way to keep in touch with the buyers.

Emails are excellent for long term leads

Here is another reason why most marketers are focusing on email follow-up. Actually, sending a follow-up email is very useful for those leads you intend to interact with for a long time. It can as well be a good match for slow moving leads. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends report of 2018, most house buyers in the market spend about four months searching the market for a house. On the other hand, sellers spend an average of half a year looking for buyers. Those people that have lived in their homes for a longer period take more times to decide if they want to sell their home.

Email follow-up provides an opportunity for personalization
Follow-up emails provide us an easy way to send personalized emails to the buyers. You can easily reference their answers in your follow-up emails which would highly make it easy to build affinity with the buyers.

Email follow-ups drive business

When you send the follow-up emails to your buyers, you simply encourage them to connect with you over the phone. This may lead to an appointment and eventually a sale.

How to Use Email Follow-up to attract leads

Now that you are familiar with all the advantages of using email follow-ups, what matters the most is how to use them to get additional leads and create rapport with them.
Any time you think of follow-up emails you should think of them as compelling enough for leads to open, read and take action. When you intend to use follow-up emails to attract leads, the emails should follow the below key points.

Write eye catching subject line

This is the first thing that should give your clients a reason to open the email and eventually leave feedback or even interact more with you. The best thing to do in this case is to make sure that the email follow-up you create asks a question that will prompt your buyers to open and read along.

Highlight Key sales points

This is another very reliable way of using email follow-up to attract leads. One mistake that most sellers do is to be compelled to include all the reasons they have for the buyers to work with them. Although this is not a bad thing, you should pick just one or two pertinent points and emphasize that throughout your email.

What should the reader do next?

After you have already notified the reader about all the reasons why they should be working with you, what follows is you should tell them what to do next. It should be very easy for them to take action. Actually it is the main driving force for your leads. A good example is to ask the reader what their house requirements are to be able to help them find a house with ease.

Let it seem as a conversation

Just bear in mind that your email is from one human to the other and so it should seem as if you are conversing. You should incorporate warmth, humor, understanding and eagerness.

Be concise

Writing a 1000 words email that only portrays two points to your buyer can be the worst thing to do on earth. So, you should just write something that reveals the answer directly. Don’t strain the reader to find the answer. The answer to what they have in mind should be flowing and easy to get. What this means is that the main points should be highlighted and easy to spot.

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