If you want to learn how to astral travel or project, it's not all that hard - but might need practice to get reliable results.

The first point is to examine a Huna concept that life is a dream, and all dreams are just as real as this waking one you spend most of your time in.

And beneath that concept is an additional one, which says we dream all the time. When you day-dream, this is that ability which most people have been trained to simply turn off or ignore. It's really related to inspiration and intuition - so time spent in practicing this ability would be well rewarded.

But there is an even heavier part to this. In Huna there is a principle which says, "There are no limits." In this, they mean simply that we are all connected, every waking or sleeping moment of every day. As well, there is no real difference between you and I, even if we are (in this dream world) "thousands of kilometers" away from the other.

Of course, it’s convenient in our “modern” day and age to agree with the concept that there is distance and space. We like being individuals, after all – and if we were all one, then we wouldn’t get as much entertainment value out of the world we live in. Life wouldn’t be all that interesting.

Where you explore this idea, you may find that a little practice will bring you to the point that you can find out what is happening in any particular "place" on this planet - just by tuning into what is going on "over there" with only your mind.

Now getting to that point will also probably require that you get your own personal peace coming in, which means a great deal of letting go or releasing the various emotions, feelings, and desires you have that keep you separate from others around you. And you’ll have to drop any fear of dying or needing to be a distinct individual.

Because once you get to the point of being able to share the apparent worlds of others just as the one you create around you, then any limit to traveling or projecting into those spaces simply vanishes.

Try this simple exercise: Sit comfortably in a chair and relax all tension. Just let go of any stresses you may be experiencing. Now, take some well-loved object or pet or plant into your mind and imagine the view from that location. You may get an impression or a distinct image - but you should get something if you don't block it out.

The emphasis in this exercise is to relax completely - just not to the point where you fall out of the chair or asleep) and simply get the idea of what you would see or sense from being in that space. Regular daily practice should be done to get good at this. And you'll start getting stronger and stronger impressions of what is going on around that viewpoint.

Now taking any other actions you may need in order to improve you empathy will also strengthen this talent and ability. Yes, you want to be able to share space with the animal, plant, or object without feeling that you need to change anything over there. You simply want to see the rightness or perfection of that viewpoint just as it is. This makes it simpler to achieve the astral projection or travel.

You might find your life changes radically - for the good. And find you have far more peace and understanding of this world around you.

Sure, what a great side-effect!

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Known for extensive writing in self-help and personal development, Dr. Robert C. Worstell has just published a New Age fiction book, "The Dreamer Dreamed" which explores the concept of how to lucid dream and project, among other ideas. This book employs the understanding of various spiritual training books and research he's conducted over the last 35 years but using fiction.