Writing content for your blog or website can be a daunting task; especially if you have a tendency to crash writer even before typing the first letter on your keyboard. To make matters worse, you want to write good content that not only appeals to your readers, but also ranks well in search results, so your article can help you drive organic traffic to your website. Although it may seem impossible right now, it is actually possible to overcome your mental block in the next 5 minutes and start writing good content that both your visitors and search engines will love.

So how can you go straight to writing a good article without going through the whole (tedious) content structure and storyboard?

The answer is simple: ask yourself!

Anyone in any industry can ask for good SEO content. That is how.

Ask yourself what you will discuss with your customer before the sales presentation.

Casual pre-sale chat is always a good way to build trust and a good relationship between you and your customer. It is also the best time to learn more about your customer and what their concerns are, whether or not they are related to your meeting. In fact, these often-overlooked mini sessions can give you a wealth of information on what issues really affect people in the industry.

Ask yourself what your customers will ask you after your sales pitch

Another good way to find ideas for content is to think about and remember what questions your customers often ask after you offer your sales pitch. They generally reflect doubts or concerns about the service or product you are selling and can provide a very rich source of content for a FAQ article.

Ask yourself why you are doing business or if you are still in business.

If you provide a service, ask who your customers are and why they hire you. Do you offer a service that adds value, that is, something that your customers can do but that they will get more for less by hiring you to do it? Do you offer an experience that your clients cannot do themselves? Either way, this should provide you with a solid foundation for writing a compelling sales article for your target customers.

But what about the part about ranking your content well on search engines?

Search engines are likely to reward you for providing good content on your website with no more SEO effort. Using the "Ask your good SEO content" method, you're probably already writing content that people in your industry are looking for and interested in, and your website will naturally rank well for the questions you have. answers.


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Using SEO content writing in your marketing strategy is very helpful. There is no doubt that if you want to increase your company's website traffic, the search engine optimization strategy is a must.