Why would you accept a lesser salary than what you made before? Won’t you jump ship when a better offer comes along?

This job interview question has been a very big deal with all of the adjustments of the last few years. Lots of people have gotten laid off or downsized and have had to take smaller salaries. This is a natural concern for employers who want to know if you’re just biding your time until the market picks back up. You might very well come across a better opportunity in the future, but now is not the time to talk about it. Now is the time to alleviate the concerns of that hiring manager so that they feel comfortable pulling the trigger to make you an offer.

Your best answer is to say something like this:

“If I take the job with you, I’m not going to just be taking it for the money. I’m looking at the whole picture. I’m interested in more than just the paycheck. I’m interested in the quality of the company, the quality of my work life, the caliber of my manager, the healthcare and other benefits, the unique things that this company has that other companies don’t.

Another company could come along and offer me more money…that could happen no matter what. That’s not really relevant because I don’t take a job just because of the money, I take a job because of all those factors as a whole. I need a job that will meet all my needs. When I look at this job with you, I see a job that will meet all my needs.

Do I want to be paid as highly as I can be for the work that I do? Yes, of course. But if I commit to you for this job, I will be committed and I won’t be spending my time looking for a so-called better offer. I will be working hard and performing and exceeding for you.

I don’t sign on for short term jobs. You can look at my history, I’ve been with XYZ organization for a number of years. I won’t take a job with an organization that I’m not committed to.”

If they’ve asked you this question, they like you a lot and they’re wondering if you’re too good to be true. So all you have to do is alleviate their fears by trying to take the money question out of it, or by at least minimizing it as much as possible.

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