DUI stands for Driving under Influence. It could be the influence of alcohol or another drug. Although it goes without saying, and everyone already knows, driving under the influence of any toxic is illegal. While some might call the law to strict even on minor things, this one makes perfect sense. Driving is a task that requires a stable mind and complete focus. We drive vehicles that we can’t fully control at high speed. On top of that, we drive at a speed whose impact a human body can’t withstand.

One accident at an average speed of a car could kill a man. A person driving drunk or under the influence of some other drug not only puts his own life in danger but also of the people on the road. You will are likely to hit an accident and destroy your vehicle. You will also be at least injured, but what’s even worse is that you will hit something or someone.

By driving drunk, you put many lives in danger that is the responsibility of the state to protect. So, they can’t allow anyone to commit DUI. Unfortunately, it’s still more common that one would expect. It’s our responsibility as a citizen that we should avoid it and stand against such crimes. If we can’t do anything good for society, we should at least not do anything bad.

If you are caught driving under the influence, there will be legal consequences. If you were caught before you did any damage, your license might be canceled for a period of time. Repeating the offense over and over again will permanently lose you the permit to drive. In case you still drive or cause an accident while driving intoxicated, you will be put in jail after a trial.

This article has discussed how you can always keep yourself safe from DUI charges. The article starts with the prevention measures, so you don’t cause any harm to yourself or anyone other innocent. It has also discussed what you should do if falsely accused and how to avoid getting DUI in your record even when it was your fault.

Take a Friend When Going to Bar

Every time you are about to go to a bar, and you are aware of your bad habits, you should take a friend with you. Not only will have you have a better time with the company, it will also make sure that at least one of you is available for driving back home. You will have to make sure that at least one of you is responsible enough to make the right decisions.

If any of you is going through an emotional phase, it is suggested that you take someone who can be relied on. It doesn’t take long to get drunk when you are overcome with emotions. It’s not exactly easy to stay in your senses when you are sad or in pain. In any case, you are more likely to drive home safely with one person in his proper mind when there is more of you.

Call Uber if You Plan to Drink

If you are going out with the plan to get drunk, then it’s best if you don’t drive yourself. Your friends will likely get drunk with you if you are planning to drink, so it’s better if you don’t rely on them. Luckily, there are many services like Uber that get anywhere you want and you can actually trust that they won’t rob you. These professional services have a record of all their drivers, which makes them all follow the rules and regulations.

They see drunk passengers all the time. If you take a cab to the bar or the party, you won’t have to worry about driving under the influence. After all, these gatherings are for enjoyment and you shouldn’t have to hold yourself. You will be able to enjoy to the extent when there is no other responsibility. After all, it’s not illegal to drink.

The problem is drinking and causing problems for others. You can schedule a ride for your way back home that will reach the location when you should go home. It means you won’t even have to through the trouble of using technology and calling a ride when you are drunk.

Accept that’s It’s Not a Light Matter

You need to understand that driving under the influence is not a light matter. It actually takes lives, and thousands of families suffer every year just because of the fault of another drunk driver. You could destroy the lives of an innocent family by your mistake. A sane person would never want to do that. You should remember that if something happened, not only will you be trialed in court but you will also have to live with yourself. How you would face yourself knowing that you significantly disturbed the lives of an innocent or maybe killed someone.

Only when you accept that it’s serious will you do something to avoid it. You might think that it’s a short drive or you are an experienced driver. Your mind or experience doesn’t matter when you are drunk. You lose your senses and are in no condition to make a decision. Driving requires you to keep making decisions and calculate your speed and distance every second. That’s too much to do for a drunk person.

Remember How You Will Have to Pay

There might be some people who won’t feel the pain of others as they should or they might come up with excuses or reasons. Where the logic or compassion doesn’t work, fear can do wonders. This the reason why there is a penalty for every law you break and you have to keep reminding yourself that. Study laws regarding driving under the influence of toxins and their punishments.

If you are caught before you did something worse, you might have to lose your license for some time or forever and attend some classes ordered by the court. The court might also send you to rehabilitation if it looks like you have a problem. It would significantly affect your job and personal life. In case you caused an accident, you will trial differently for the damage you caused.

Connect with a DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with a case, it’s best to contact a lawyer right away. Try not to say anything to the police until you get the lawyer there. Everything you say can be used against you in court. You don’t understand the technicalities of the law and court proceedings, so it won’t be difficult for the police to get you to confess to the crimes you didn’t even commit. They do it indirectly so that you won’t know what you have said and then trap you in your own words.

You are going to need a lawyer in your specific area as there are different laws in different states. For example, if you live in San Diego, you should get an experienced San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer who knows all laws and regulations of this state by his heart. He would have a better understanding of trials here and is more likely to get you out of this mess without getting a DUI in your record.

Make Sure You are Not Framed

There have been many cases when innocents were framed for the crimes they didn’t commit. This has also happened in many DUI cases. There could be some racial reasons or there is a possibility that the officer didn’t like you. Some people try to misuse their authority, but there is law to protect you. You should discuss with your lawyer why and how the officer stopped you. Was there any reason or he just took a wild guess.

There is also the possibility that you were drunk but under the allowed levels. The Breathalyzer could be faulty or the results might have been changes. Sometimes, there is also the mouth alcohol that could misguide the Breathalyzer. This mouth alcohol could be caused a dental treatment or medicine.

Communicate with Affected People

In case you have caused damage to someone while driving under the influence, you try to communicate them with the help of the lawyer. Don’t try to use greed and offer them. You should apologize for the pain you have caused them. Accept your mistake in from of them and apologize for it. Tell them that it’s not who you are and it will never happen again. Try to get them to see your good side and request them to give you another chance. If they forgive you, they won’t take the matter to court. It is, of course, your responsibility to pay for the damages you have caused.

Try to make their life easier and genuinely be sorry for the inconvenience you have caused. This is the best way to avoid DUI and prison, even when things take the turn for the worst. You can never be sure how the case will go in the court. Even if it looks like you are going to win the case, there could be a turn that would prove you’re guilty even when you are innocent.

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