Mushroom is a common ingredient used as pizza toppings in pasta and salads. It gives a woody taste to your food and thus, is used in the culinary industry all around the world. Out of these mushrooms, some of them have medicinal properties that can cure human ailments. If you want to gain its benefits, keep reading to know how to add medicinal mushrooms to your daily diet.

Guide to choose and buy medicinal mushrooms

Before you churn medicinal mushrooms in powder, you need to know that there is a wide variety of mushrooms that are inedible or even poisonous. You don't want to put a set of poisonous mushrooms in your food and feed your whole family, right? So, it is important to buy mushrooms from a reliable source that you can trust. Visit the local farmer’s market nearby to seek fresh and dried mushrooms, or visit a health food store to buy packed mushrooms, or the ideal option, buy medicinal mushroom powder online. Follow the guide mentioned below to buy and consume medicinal mushrooms.

It is very important to ensure that the mushrooms you are buying are fresh as it is easy to work with fresh mushrooms and cook them. When mushrooms are fresh, you don't need to go to any extreme measures to extract their pulp. With mushrooms like shiitake and maitake, you can simply saute, roast, or simmer to cook them and consume them.

The dried form of mushrooms is the most common form that you receive in markets and only. When the mushrooms are dried and converted into powdered form, it increases their shelf life, and consumers can use them for a fairly long time. Most;y whole mushrooms are dried and reconstituted for further use in recipes like dairy-free elixirs, tea, and coffee.

Powdered form:
Mushroom powders are a convenient method to reap the advantages of mushrooms that are more difficult to cook with or find in the supermarket (they are often more potent than the average culinary mushroom, too). These can be found in health food stores and even online. There are two methods for increasing the bioavailability of mushrooms' strong constituents: steam distillation, which extracts the compounds using water, and alcohol distillation, which depicts the nutrients that aren't soluble in water (basically, the second method is making a tincture). Also, it is easy to consume medicinal mushrooms when it's in powder form as you get the freedom to add them to several food items.

Medicinal mushrooms like Chaga and reishi are hard as a rock. So, you will most commonly find these mushrooms in chunks of various sizes. To work with these mushrooms, boil them to make them soft and then add to your soups and teas or even prepare a tincture at home.

Recipes to prepare with medicinal mushrooms

You can use medicinal mushrooms in your cooking! Here is what to make with them:

Warm drinks, like teas and elixirs
Cold drinks, like iced elixirs, smoothies, and smoothie bowls
Cereal and porridge
Raw desserts
Dairy-free ice cream
Energy bites and balls
Gluten-free baking, both sweet and savory
Dairy-free chocolate
Salad dressings

These are some common forms in which medicinal mushrooms are available. Prepare the above recipe to gain the benefits of these mushrooms.

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