The Google+ Button

One incredibly useful feature of the Google + platform is the +1 button itself. Its function is similar to the “like” button on Facebook, allowing users to share links and posts. It follows logically then, that the more people +1 a link, the more often Google will display that page in the SERPS, and the more exposure that link will receive. Therefore its important to make it very easy for readers to +1 your content.

+1 Your Own Content

The First step is to + 1 all of your own content. Some of your contacts in your circles will see the post and +1 it as well, and this will increase the exposure of the link to a wider range of +1 users, gaining clicks to your content.

Add the +1 Button to Your SIte and Posts

You may, however increase the number of readers who +1 your content significantly, by adding a +1 button to both your website and your articles. You can solve that part of the puzzle by going to the google webmaster tool instructions, specifically to And this is how to Create your +1 Button:

1. Choose the size button that you want on your post. There are four different sizes available. Pick the one that most compliments your current content, and that gains the attention of the reader.

2. The next step is to choose a width and type of annotation, if you would like one. When a reader mouses lover the +1 button the annotation is the note that pops up. The default setting for this feature is “Click here to publicly +1 this as Your Name.”

3. Finally, you just copy and paste the code for your button into the position you want it on your website.

If you are using a wordpress CMS it is fairly simple to use a plugin to easily install the code on your site and posts, without editing the code of the template. You can find several plugins compatible with the current WordPress CMS, including those found at and http:/ All you have to do is to install the plugin and then follow the simple instructions and the Google +1 button will magically appear on all of your posts.

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