Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have forever changed the way we perceive websites and mobile applications. With the advent of fantastic frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Angular5, VueJS, and React, web development has taken on new forms and possibilities.

What is a PWA? In a nutshell, it is a technology that visually and functionally transforms a website into a mobile application working out of a browser. In simple words, PWA looks like a native mobile application while working as a web app that can use the device hardware - battery, vibration, accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, camera, as well as such an important element as geolocation.

It is the progressive web app geolocation that has become the basis for the success of many large companies, including Google, Starbucks, Uber, and many others. How it works and how to add geolocation in PWA, let’s figure this out.

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