How to ADD 51% to Your Long-Term Memory – Permanently
• 1. This is a conversation I had with my teenager, Mike
about a system we teach at our one-day workshop at
Columbia University.
• It helps our graduates ACE school & their careers. It works for kids age 10, to high school, college & grad-school. We train corporate executive with this strategy.

• 2. Me: “Michael, you’re a good high school student without my help. Would you be interested is learning a baby-easy system to improve your comprehension & long-term memory about 51%, permanently?

• 3. Me: It’s for college, grad-school & your career. It gives you a unique competitive-edge so you ace your exams & grades.

• 4. Me: At work, you will stand out for promotions, & bonuses. Question: it’s Ok if you are not interested in more work. So, yes or no?”

• 5. Mike “Pop, how long does it take to learn, and how hard to use?”

• 6. Me: “Kid, it takes 6-minutes to figure out, and 5-minutes to use in action after you finish an article, lecture or book. Look, if you don’t need, forget about it.”
• 7. Mike: “I won’t say No without knowing more. What’s it called?”

• 8. Me: “Six Wh’s & a How?” It uses Seven Questions to answer by taking short, brief notes after you finish a lecture, article or book, to remember it for ten-years

• 9. Mike: ”Just write a few words as answers to seven questions? What are the questions?”

• 10. Me: “Who? What? When? Where? Why? Which? & How? Does that sound too much to handle?”

• 11. Mike: “Sound easy Pop, let see how it goes. Show me.”

• 12. Me: “First step for 6-Wh’s & a How? Is to notice that all the Questions start the letters “WH”. Good. Now grab a piece of paper & like a little kid, trace the 5-fingers of your dominant (right) hand on one side.

• On the back side trace your Passive (left) hand. Show all ten-fingers, got it?”

• 13. Mike: “It’s easy so far, what the hitch?”

• 14. Me: “It’s supposed to be easy and fast. Now print clearly on the thumbnail of each of the right hand as follows: Index-finger: WHO? Middle-finger WHAT? Ring-finger WHEN? Pinkie: WHERE?. Now the thumbnail of your ‘Thumb’ – WHY? Got it?”

• 15. Mike: “Easy as Pumpkin-Pie. Done, now what?”

• 16. Me: “Other-hand, Index-finger of lefty: WHICH?
And last, Middle-Finger: HOW? Got it?”

• 17. Mike: “Just to be sure, I have do this tracing of both hands each time I finish a book, an article or a lecture. It’s really like taking NOTES to review for the future, right Pop?”

• 18. Me: “Hold up. You left out one critical step. Now step #2 is in one-sentence or so, ANSWER each of seven Questions on the same-2-pages.

• Now you have the GIST of the learning experience in V-A-K. Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic (touch). When you write the notes, these three-senses make the memory into a Neural-Network, In a Synaptic-connection. Permanent.”

• 19. Mike: “That’s it? Trace-my hands, filling-in the 6 WHs?+ How? Last, in one-sentence or so ANSWER the Questions?”

• 20: Me: “Too hard?” It’s a scientifically proven way to take notes and remember 51% better & longer an article, book or lecture. It works for Acing Exams, and learning anything you choose. It’s good for school and at work.”

• 21. Mike: “I just expected it to be harder, complicated and take much longer to do.”

• 22. Me: “Let me work on it and I’ll come back with a tougher system to learn & remember knowledge, skills, & information.”

• 23. Mike: “Ok, I going start using it tomorrow in school and let you know what happens. It sounds great.”

• 24. Me: “Mike aced school, exams & grades, and still uses “Six-Wh’s?+How?” many years later. Now it’s your turn to add 51% to your learning skills & long-term memory.”

• P.S. Remember, the more you LEARN, the more you EARN. See ya.

• Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Hal Wechsler, educational director,
We teach a one-day workshop in speed Reading at Columbia University. My partner was Evelyn Woods & we train the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents & 2-million students.

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