In today’s post, I will talk about a topic that seems to come up very frequently to most of my clients, which is how to achieve their ideal shape and weigh. I hope you enjoy it, connect the dots, and let yourself thrive...

In today’s world, we are obsessed with achieving a certain body shape and weight. And while doing so, we forget to connect with the innermost part of us that automatically knows how to do that.

Your miraculous body is always holding the inner workings and natural flow of your physical form. Since the moment you were conceived, your body was set up from the formless to orchestrate and maintain your ideal proportion. This proportion is unique and perfect for YOU, and your body is always trying to get you back to this natural flow.

Take into consideration the way in which your physical form balances and repairs itself constantly. For example, your body heals automatically when you fall down and scratch yourself, and your heart beats without your conscious direction. Just as your body is automatic healing and carrying out its functions to keep you healthy, your body is always trying to help you get rid of those extra pounds.

The natural flow that is always trying to get you back to your ideal weight is the common life force shared by you and all the plant, mineral and animal kingdom. It is the force of love and wisdom that directs the growth of the trees, the flight of the birds and the direction of the wind. This life force is the activating principle for the embodiment of you and your divinity, and it is always taking care of your healthy weight too.
You don’t need to diet or do something outside of yourself to get back to your ideal weight, because your body was built to inherently do that for you. Your optimum weight is part of your health, and it is the place to which your body will try to return always.

Your body ceaselessly tries to eliminate anything you ingest that is unneeded or toxic—whether it is excess weight or food. You actually have to go against this force to put on extra pounds. But since we were very little, we have been conditioned to go against this life force.

The way to get back to your ideal weight is not through diets and external knowledge. The way to achieve your ideal weight is to get in touch with the innermost part of you that has never ceased to being connected to this life force.

And how can you get connected to this deep part within you? Well, a first step can be to start observing your body’s natural mechanisms. A second step is to trust your body to do its natural job of elimination and bringing you back to a state of equilibrium and balance.

Your body is the house of this life force. It houses the vastness of your being. It was created perfectly and knows what to do. When you can completely internalize and accept this fact, you will gain a new level of confidence and trust.

So, in summary:
Remember that your body is always working for you. Trust that your body will always return to a state of balanced proportion if you allow it. It will eliminate whatever is not supposed to be there, and it always does. Have absolute confidence in my body and worship it as your most precious vessel of infinite life force and love.

Are you ready to trust your body? Are you ready to get out of the way and let it do its job? I’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below.
In immense gratitude,

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Monica is a spiritual and evolutionary coach that helps people turn their struggles into an opportunity for self-realization, inner-power and freedom. After dealing with an eating disorder for over 15 years, she finally found that true nourishment comes from the inside out, and she was called to dedicate her life to the spiritual path of full liberation, evolution and self-expression. She holds a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and a MS in Nutrition Education from Columbia University and a second MS in Holistic Health and Nutrition. She is a Belvaspata Healing of the Heart Level 1&2 pracititoner and on her way to becoming an Inner Mastery Tool Practitioner. You can learn more about her at