Nobody likes to smile if they have yellow teeth. And why put up with yellow teeth if you don’t have to? Teeth whitening are widely available today and there are all kinds of ways to do it. Kits, gels, toothpastes and strips all work to get those teeth whiter. Don’t hide behind yellow teeth anymore. Everyone wants to see you smile. When you smile, you are happy and when you are happy you exude self confidence and a good attitude. Naturally, people will want to be around you. So if you are worried about smiling in front of people because your teeth are not as white as they could be, consider whitening them.

One of the most common and inexpensive ways to whiten your teeth is to use whitening gels, whitening toothpastes or strips. These items are widely available at most supermarkets and drug stores and are a great way to get your teeth two to three shades lighter.

A more effective way to do your own teeth whitening is to purchase whitening kits. These kits come with concentrated peroxide gel and a tray. You simply put the gel on the tray and the tray goes into your mouth and fits over your teeth. It’s pretty easy to whiten your teeth this way but can take some time to achieve the desired shade. Most dentists recommend you use the tray every night for about a week for two hours at a time. The only side effect that most people experience when using teeth whitening gel is that their teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold beverages. The good thing is, there are toothpastes you can purchase to help with teeth sensitivity. It’s always a good idea to consult your dentist before using a gel to whiten your teeth. There may be some ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.

If you have the money to do it, the best way to whiten your teeth is to get it professionally done by your dentist. The dentist uses top quality teeth whitening products that are even more effective than whitening your teeth at home. In fact, getting your teeth whitened at your dentist office can make your teeth up to 10 shades lighter. The dentist can even sit down with you and help you choose the exact shade you want for your teeth.

No matter what method of teeth whitening you use, you are sure to have more confidence when you have whiter teeth. Talking, smiling and going out with friends will be a much more enjoyable experience when you can dazzle them with your white smile.

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Editor's Note: Peter Morgan is a health writer on subjects regarding teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening gel as well as the latest technology and information on teeth bleaching methods.