Why should you strive to achieve your goals? Why should you even bother yourself setting goals? These are some of the questions that will lead you to know the importance of setting goals and achieving them. If you don't have a goal to achieve in your life, then you have nothing to target in your life. You don't have that purpose of involving yourself in something worthwhile.

Although life has got pressures, you need to clearly understand the goal you're striving to attain in your life. Set precisely your goals, express them positively, write them down, prioritize them and make sure they're small so as to lead you in achieving a bigger goal. Small goals are easier to achieve than achieving big goals.

Goals set on a certain scenario do not guarantee success. Just because someone has achieved a particular goal, it doesn't mean that you can also achieve it the same way. It may take you a much longer or shorter period to achieve that goal than it took the other person.

It might seem just out of your grasp to achieve a big goal but eventually you'll achieve it if you split it to smaller goals that you'll be working on at a time. Use this same idea by making your goals to be just a bit out of your reach but still close enough to achieve them. Your goals should be attainable. This gives you the commitment and drive to work towards achieving your goals.

Keep your body healthy and fit. Avoid stress that is brought about by setbacks while you're striving to achieve your goal. Focus on your goals and do not lose sight of them. Make sure to learn any skills required in order to achieve your goals. Accumulate all the knowledge and information required. Search out for help, from God and people around you.

Ideas show up many times that get you close in achieving your goals. Don't ever assume anything though. Look at all the possibilities. If one idea does not work then try another one and another one till you find out the one that works. Be flexible and keep on trying.

Don't make a big mistake of giving up. Never ever give up when it comes to achieving your goals. At times, some issues can interfere with your goals. These are setbacks but this does not mean you should quit.

When striving to achieve your goals, remember Henry Ford's quote, "If there is any secret of success, then it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own."

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