Many people have a lot of confusion or shall I say, assumption that peace, calm, serenity and tranquillity mean the same thing or something around the same concept. There are various stories on the very same subject, written by the ancient kings and sages, who advocate that achieving a state of tranquillity, is the first and the most difficult step, for anyone who walks the path of renunciation (tyaga).

Also, tranquillity is a quality that is associated with places. Being at such places, has a restorative or regenerative effect on people. It also helps make minds peaceful and calm.

It is important to understand that, even though the premise of the words maybe similar, they differ in their path of achievement and what they provide us.

Today, let's talk a little more in detail about tranquillity.

What is Tranquillity?

• Tranquillity or being tranquil, is the state of being free of worries and devoid of all excessively strong emotions. It wouldn't be wrong to call it a combination of being at peace and feeling totally calm.

• Tranquillity is also a quality of a place that is aesthetically calming, beautiful and secluded (mostly). It offers one a sense of peace of mind, which is often experienced away from chaotic life.

• The part to be understood is, that tranquillity is not an emotion! It is plainly a state of being. More importantly, it is a state of being, which is chosen and followed.

• If you've ever noticed, the word is largely associated with religions and also with spiritual practises. Most people talk about it in connection to achieving a state of oneness with the supreme, upliftment of the soul, enlightenment and even attaining liberation (moksha).

• Tranquillity in scriptures is also mentioned as simply a state of 'spiritual enjoyment'. Although how spiritual enjoyment is experienced, is a debatable topic.

We often come across references to the word, in religions that are predominantly founded on the ideology of peace. So Buddhism, Jainism and even to a certain extent, Hinduism in its absolute raw context, which talks about the state of tranquillity.

A very interesting fact, is that tranquillity is not just important from a religious or spiritual point of view, but also from a business and economic point of view.

When we talk of businesses, there are a lot of tourism businesses that make their money from these kind of location.

• Ex: The Himalayan Ranges have hosted seekers of peace and tranquillity for centuries and the people living in and around those areas have benefited from it, especially over the past few decades.

From an economic point of view, a lot of the businesses in these tranquil areas, like the Himalayas, run exclusively on tourism which results in seasonal employment only.

• Ex: If a person, has a business in the Himalayas or nearby areas, then he will be employed only during tourist season. Rest of the year, various things like climatic conditions, will curb his business. So he must make whatever money he needs during the season, for surviving the entire year.

From an environmental point of view, tranquillity is extremely important. Simply because, these spots are most often the only remaining natural habitats that are environmentally suitable and sustainable for the future. But the most important aspect will always remain, the importance of tranquillity to people. How important is this whole tranquillity thing to us humans?

Stated below are some of the many reasons why tranquillity, is essential to people

The Need for Tranquillity

1. It helps to deal with situations

Plain and simple. When we are at peace with ourselves, we find a way to make peace with our surroundings. Tranquillity makes us internally strong enough, to deal with any external adversity. We become our best selves, when we are composed from within.

2. Increases Efficiency

There is a reason why all companies these days, insist on sending employees for weekend retreats and vacations. A chaotic mind is practically useless in situations where there is already stress. You need to be able to think clearly. For that you need tranquillity.

If you are tranquil, you will react and not overreact!

3. Helps you sleep better

It's a proven fact that a person who suffers from constant stress or is always surrounded by chaos, ultimately develops insomnia (sleeplessness). Tranquillity helps calm you down and when you are mentally and physically calm, the body tends to relax all by itself. Sleep becomes easier to come by.

4. Self-Discipline

Tranquillity, especially among the monks, is what is thought to be the ultimate tool to develop self-discipline. If you seek to master something, even if it is yourself, you cannot do it unless you have tranquillity. So, first become tranquil and then pursue self-discipline.

5. Improves Inter-personal Relationships

If you pay careful attention, you'll notice, it is always the people who are calm and seem very chilled out, who have the best equations with the people around them. Remember, our relationships are a sign of how we are really within. If we are of a bad temperament, our relationships will be bad inevitably.

If you want to improve your inter-personal relationships, no matter with whom it may be, simply practise some tranquillity. It will reflect in your behaviour and your connections as well.

6. Spiritual Awakening

As I mentioned earlier, tranquillity is believed to be the gateway to spiritual awakening. So if you seek liberation or even simply want to rise above the ordinary, then walk the path of tranquillity.

In a world where everyone is trying to beat the clock, it is very rare to find time to actually be yourself. But it is important that you take that time and actually ask yourself the real question.

Who am I?
Where am I headed?
What is my purpose?

The answers to these fundamental questions in life, is found along the path of tranquillity.

As Thomas Jefferson, the late founding father of America, quoted, "It is neither wealth nor splendour, but tranquillity and occupation which gives you happiness!"

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