Would you like to be respected as an expert? Since social media has become such a giant fixture in society, it just makes sense to learn how to Twitter. If you handle your profile correctly and use the right Twitter tools, you can elevate yourself to expert status in just about any field.

How To Achieve Expert Status on Twitter

Watch the frequency of your tweets. You need to post at least a few times per day in order to show up on the feed. Tweet about what you know and post links to your website, blog, or articles.

You should also cite other well-known authorities so that you don’t look too self-absorbed. True authorities stay abreast of what other experts are saying as well, so retweet them or link to their content.

It is a good idea to avoid extremely personal tweets, if you’re goal is to achieve expert status with your Twitter account. Use a client like Hootsuite or Pluggio to manage multiple accounts so that you can keep your personal tweets separate. Dedicate one account to each topic and use a different account for connecting with friends and family members.

Using multimedia is another great way to make yourself known. You can share images, audio files, and videos with Twitter tools like FileSocial. This application works with Twitter so that you can upload just about any type of file including PDF, PowerPoint presentations, music, pictures, audio, and compressed files. Just make sure that everything you share demonstrates your knowledge of your specific industry or subject.

Whether you are hoping to land a job in a certain field or are offering a product or service with your own company, having expert status on Twitter will help you. While you will not necessarily earn an “expert” badge, your following will prove that people are interested in what you have to say. If you believe that you are an authority at something, why not let everyone know?

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