The call center solution and CRM system are used in many businesses along with the traditional call centers, KPOs, custom support centers, custom care centers and BPOs. The process of call center CRM integration always helps in reducing labor work and increasing productivity, accuracy and ROI. If you are going to use the brand new call center solution and CRM system which don’t have any stored data, then it would be an easier process. However, if you already have these systems in use for some time and both or any one of them already have some data stored into it, then the process of call center CRM integration becomes tricky and you have to be cautious for the same. In this article, I will share a stepwise guide which helps you to make sure that the whole process can be completed successfully and smoothly without losing any information or data.

1. Define your requirements and expectations

The call center CRM integration can be performed in multiple ways and it can help in achieving different business goals. You must be clear with your requirements. You need to know what you want to achieve once the call center CRM integration is finished. You should know what features and automation you want to get with this integrated solution.

2. Define technical specifications

The second step is to make a list of technical specification. Here, by technical specification I mean you need to make a list of solutions you have with details of its versions. Also, you need to mention in this list all the customizations, API integrations and add-ons your existing solutions have gone through. All this information is necessary because it will help in speeding up the initial discussion with the service providers. In fact, it also helps in reducing efforts required to be invested in vendor hunting. For example, if you have a VICIDial call center solution and vTiger CRM system, then all you need to look for is VICIDial vTiger integration service provider.

3. Take help of the experts and stay in the loop

As real data are involved, avoid experimenting things by your own staff or yourself. You can get the call center CRM integration services at affordable rates so make sure that you invest in the professional services. Never take risk of valuable data that your solutions have. Make sure to discuss with the vendor that the data should not get lost at any cost and after the integration of the call center solution and CRM system, you must have access to the old data. Before getting started, ask the company to provide the plan for the call center CRM integration and how they will make sure that the data will not be compromised. Stay in the loop of complete process or keep anyone from your team in the process.

If you will use this step wise guide to get the call center CRM integration, then it will assure that the whole process gets done smoothly and as per the expectations.

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Mehul works in call center solution provider company which also offers custom call center CRM integration, VICIDial vTiger integration, VICIDial Zoho integration and other similar services.