How to Accelerate Performance of All Kinds – Fast

• 1. Get this: According to the latest (11.09.12) neuroscientific research in Japan by Professor N. Sadato: “To the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded with Money”.

• 2. If you want better learning and increased long-term memory, from yourself, and others (team, family, associates), offer a direct compliment to individuals during an activity. Your words become Power Suggestions for improvement.

• 3. For Brainiacs: the area of the brain that triggers improvement (up to 70% better performance) because of compliments, is your Striatum.

• 4. Cash equals a Compliment to your Striatum. It’s part of your Basal Ganglia, part of the decision-making structure of your brain.

• 5. Fact: the cliché, “Praise to encourage improvement,“ is a scientific reality. Question: how should you use it?

• 6. For yourself: After you have studied for an exam, compliment yourself for a job well-done. Again, immediately before the exam itself.

• 7. How? Take 60-seconds to close your eyes & mentally relax by taking four (4) diaphragmatic breaths, on exhaling, visualize getting 100% or an “A” on the test. See yourself “smiling” at your success. That’s your compliment. A chocolate ice-cream cone is nice too. A steak dinner?

• 8. Going for an important interview? Making a presentation?
What about before an important meeting or negotiation? Yes!

• 9. Compliment your Significant-Other, business associates, & team members, your will see a greater willingness to consider other points of view. Compliments trigger empathy, reason, and
Positive emotions.

• 10. Is one-minute of your time worth up to seven (7) days of improvement in performance, better learning and stronger long-term memory? It’s your decision.

We tested it on executives, and it is a Killer-Application. You and everyone else knows a compliment when they hear it. It’s in your facial-expression, and body-language. It could be just two-words like – “Great job!” or “Big Improvement.” It works.

• 11. Can you fall down like a corkscrew (slowly into a roll)?
Who cares? Millions of Senior Citizens fall daily, and break bones. Often, it creates a life-threatening injury. When a Senior
falls, and breaks a hip – it can be followed by a lingering death.

• 12. You can easily and quickly train yourself to fall in-a-roll, and
avoid injury because you are relaxed and control the fall. It takes
bending and twisting you truck (hips), and neck. It’s baby-easy.

All you need is a mental intention, to roll-into-a-ball. That mental-image relaxes your muscles, and put a “smile” on your face instead of a frown. The smile informs your brain, “This-is-a-game!”, and do-not-stiffen your body. It’s easier to do than to explain.

• 13. We all “daydream” up to 53% of our waking hours. That’s a real statistic, based on scientific research. Insert as a daydream, you rolling into an intentional-fall, and Smiling!

• Now, physically do three (3) rolling falls. Repeat each for one-minute, for a total of four-days, and you have created a physically remembered behavior. You conditioned yourself.

• It’s a new Brain-Program, and when the real thing happens (falling), you will roll, not fall-down like a chopped-tree.
So what? You will not break a bone or your fragile hip.

Result: no hospital stay, and greater health & longevity.
SpeedReading101™wants you to learn and remember strategies that offer you long-life-health, and accelerated healing. Test it, and if it works, Use-It! See ya,
Copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

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