TikTok is the most happening platform that is getting fame across the world. TikTok is offering diverse and interactive features that make it the most downloaded app of the year 2020. The pandemic and lockdown has brought a shift in the interests of people and people geared up towards TikTok at large.

It is interesting to see that TikTok adoption got escalated five times in 2020 as compared to 2019. This app was installed 63 million times in August alone.
TikTok becomes the most downloaded app of 2020 as more people were restricted to homes thereby people get inclined towards app store to download the popular short-form video app to make themselves entertained.

Other social media apps, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are all featured among the top 10 apps. However, Zoom appeared as one of the dominant apps during 2020 as a great number of people using it as a video conferencing app for educational, professional and personal uses. This video chat platform appeared as the communication standard of the year.

With all the stunning and unique features of other platforms, this app approximately boasts almost 500 million downloads and grew rapidly in 2020.

Not just the year of 2020, TikTok is still the most downloaded app in Q1 2021 with massive growth consistently. , holding its growth momentum over the past two years. Most accounts are leveraging the greater benefits through this platform and earning passive income. This is the reason influencer marketing via TikTok is seeing a boom and marketers are inclining towards TikTok for their promotional needs. This app allows earning even one that has a minimal following. Short and crisp videos, interacting with influencers, promotion of products, influencer marketing, and earning through this platform has made TikTok as the top app of the times.


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