With the explosion of the New media technology it has also brought along new entrepreneurship spirit. This made the Young and New Entrepreneurs to enter the business scene. Some achieved big goals and attained massive success, which exceeded those from the baby boomer generation.

Becoming an entrepreneur these days requires self-conditioning. This is to equip oneself with a good set of skills. For example, understanding the positive Neuro-linguistics programming (NLP), entrepreneur attitude and social-marketing knowledge.

You've got to be prepared to learn faster than before and be willing to take risks when exploring your career options. "Some succeed, some fail"

"The Internet opens an opportunity to apply your new jazz and creativity while maintaining your semi-stable job, and still have major financial obligations to discover new Buzz in entrepreneurship before your decide to make a big change?"

Laura Maya gives practical and personal insight from a young entrepreneur's point of view to help new business owners to start off afresh and introduce new Ideas in new media technology. Whether it is related to blogging , social networking , ecommerce site , ebook publishing , video streaming technology etc; she emphasizes on how the Savvies can earn multiple streams of income from the Internet. Yet still stay totally committed to their current job and still progress in their career without exposing to MUCH RISKS. When they achieved their first pot of Gold, they would have gained sufficient experiences and financial resources to take on their new venture in stride.

It's a competitive World out there. To be an entrepreneur, you will learn to cope with life, while starting and succeeding in your own business. When you work for someone else, your salary is determined by that employer; a portion of that salary will have to used to pay for annual taxes; housing and rental; and another for transportation; and yet another for daily expenses. Eventually, you will be left with just enough food for the month. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, will think of maximising their time, manpower and other available facilities. This is to increase their productivity and gain income from the "workdone" by others and enjoy the profits and work to build Wealth.

Blogging By Million, Earn By Millions addresses key topics such as understanding financial planning, writing a business plan, and the provision of expenditure for setting up a Business. The author says that, these are the biggest obstacles for the young entrepreneurs.

But the book also tackles critical areas that other business books seldom addresses. The book also offers a wide range of useful resource tips and "how-to" information and advices which is of interest to anyone looking to start earning Money Online.

It covers most details from blogging to social networking, emailing and tracking of keywords to search engine optimization, and offers enterprising recommendations which can be put into practice for success. This Book provides you tools and resources to implement an online money making program, a chance to try out your new Ideas. You do not need a Lot of Money to implement this program; you need commitment and the desire to succeed and a strong determination will and be focused.

You will require some basic computer knowledge but Not Special skills or advertising experience. You need the willingness to learn and to apply the methods and techniques which this book has shared with you.

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