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For years South Koreans were hesitated to get out in public and gamble and it also was a serious offense to gamble when in another country. But unlike before, in South Korea betting is now a lot more common. When in 1991 the country got affiliated with the United Nations, there was no such attention given to gambling laws and in a result of that the most popular sports Toto (internet gambling) started which has some of the large games on the list like baseball, basketball, soccer, golf and volleyball.

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Although online gambling is strictly prohibited in the country but the government is not accordingly active to take the gamblers under trials or any action against the bookies hence the people are taking full advantage. The country has computers all around it to for sports Toto despite of the ban. But the connection to this sites still could be volatile thus many players tend to disguise their identities by using VPN services. In the year 2000 casinos were announced legal and since then there are number of casinos set up in different cities like Cheju-do island, Seoul, Kyongju, Incheon, Busan, Jeongseongun, Pusan, Pyeong Chang Gun and Sokch’o city. Ironically, Koreans are not allowed in most of these. That is why the sports Toto was started in 1900’s which was backed by government so that the locals of Korea could take advantage of betting too. However they are limited to betting only till KRW 100,000 ($89). Also the Toto has no sources online in the country hence the locals have to turn to foreign bookies for higher betting.

However the limitations were little relaxed for the Koreans over the years. In 2011 there was a big pressure on the government especially by Mr. Jung Byung-Guk, minister of tourism and sports to allow the Koreans for accessing the casinos that are only for foreigners. In the following year there was an online high stake poker competition held in the capital city of Seoul under the sponsorship of the site The tournament had around 250+ players and the entry fees was RW 3,000,000($3000). The winner of that tournament was however an American named Andrew Kim who won a prize of KRW 145,000,000 ($131,000).


Despite the fact that Korean Government still has strict restrictions on Koreans over betting, the government is zealous to maintain its syndication of sports gambling as the revenue generated by it goes into the advancement of the country’s sports sector. Yet the gambling culture is widespread all across the country however the government has loosened its hold over the people. There have been relaxation on the physical punishments for gambling, fixing or for betting on online sites. And it is further anticipated that following the gradual relaxation, Korean Government might take step to see if this online betting tradition could anyhow add up to its sports Toto beneficiary.

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