The scrap metal industry is relatively unpopular with the masses because of the lack of glamour involved. Growing up, most people weren’t even bothered about those tow-trucks that would carry damaged cars and vehicles away. We never questioned the existence or disposal of the n number of vehicles that our parental generation was using and throwing away.

It’s about time we asked the question of ‘What happens to the million tonnes of trash that is created when people decide to stop using their cars’ after a point. When asked, the only answer that was ethical and acceptable was, scrap car buyers. Scrap car buyers are services that will buy your car in any condition, and then put each part of that car to its best use. This essentially means that the vehicle will be wrecked, i.e., torn apart into a million pieces. These parts will then be sold, used or purchased for further consumption. After auto-dismantling, the rest of the vehicle is recycled. A little more detail? Read on!
The Idea of 3Rs
The 3Rs are Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Even though these terms are self-explanatory, let us have a closer look at what this means in the car removal industry.
• Reuse: This means that a car can be resold. The entire car can be bought, repaired a little, and resold to a customer who is aware of the condition of the car.
• Reduce: This is the ideology that there should be no trash, or less trash, for practical reasons. Car removal companies are trying to reuse the parts of every old vehicle, by dismantling it. This ensures that no fully functional car part is thrown away, or added to the unending pile of trash we already have.
• Recycle: A junk vehicle that cannot be driven anymore, or the parts of which are not functional at all, can be recycled. Scrap metal buyers pay a good price for their raw material. Your damaged vehicle will not be thrown away and will be used to further create something completely new and useful.

These terms coincide a lot and cannot be totally separated from one another. They can be treated as a small process.
Why We Need More of This?
Scientists have warned that humans will only be able to survive for another 32 years. That’s a little too less, isn’t it?
Most big companies are taking climate change seriously, and customers are paying attention. These organisations are making sure we change our processes to keep the environment safe, along with our future generations.
Who is Actively Participating?
Car Removal Companies all over the world are a big factor in bringing about this change. There is an ethical perspective that fuels such companies to keep moving in an environmentally healthy direction. Scrap Cars Removals in Sydney has been a pioneer in establishing such services in Australia, which they started more than a decade ago! Car wreckers and scrap car buyers in Sydney have followed through with a similar business model, and are tackling this environmental hazard together.
What Else Can We Do?
As individuals, there is so much we can do to conserve the planet we are living on. Recycling any product, and reusing as much as we can is extremely important. We have seen so many organisations ban the use of plastic straws in their stores, with a few organisations like Ống Hút Cỏ in Vietnam. They have come up with grass straws that are easy to use, cost cheap and are biodegradable.
Another example of creating zero-waste solutions, Lush is a cosmetic brand that creates not just cruelty-free and vegan products , but also without any packaging. This enables consumers to no create additional waste with single-use plastic such as shampoo containers.

We, as socially responsible human beings can put in the effort by small measures. A few easy steps would be to:

• Use products that have been made using recycled products or ones that can be recycled
• Eliminate the use of products that can only be used once or replace them with products that are reusable - eg. steel straws for plastic straws.
• Recycle everything that you can. In Japan, they have sinks attached on top of the flush that enables using dirty water to flush the toilet, which saves water.
• Be aware, and more cautious of your regular lifestyle. There are several things we can do to make the world a better place, do your bit today!

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In Australia every year almost 500,000 vehicle are recycled. It is essential to have thorough knowledge about recycling and what impact it may have on the environment.