People often put themselves on strict diet and hope that they will get rid of the excess fat around their belly area. But things turn out to be more complex than what people had expected before starting their strict diet regime. There is a common misconception among people that if you can keep yourself on a strict diet you will lose belly fat. But this is not true because sticking to a strict diet only means you are starving your body from the essential nutrients, carbohydrates, minerals and fat also. Cutting fat completely from the diet is going to have negative impact on your health because fat is also required by body to run various processes.

So those who think that following strict diet and cutting fat from the diet is going to do wonders then you are either being very optimistic or you have been reading the wrong facts about your body fat burn. Your body doesn’t work the way you think because you must have seen people who eat a lot of oily/fatty stuff all day long but doesn’t put on a single ounce of fat around their belly and there are people who even if eats a single ounce of fat their belly starts to show the consequences.

So if it is true about the fact that the more you consume fatty diet the more belly fat you will accumulate around your belly, hips etc. then why it is that different people’s body react differently to fat consumption. This happens because the whole process work differently and there is nothing like more fat consumption makes fat versus less consumption of fat makes slim kind of thing that exist in real world. If you are really looking to get rid of the excess body fat around your belly, thighs, love handles or lower chest then you have to stick to a program that doesn’t put you on diet but plans everything perfectly.

People often overlook the need of expert dietician and following a program but rather hit the gym straight away and put themselves on strict diet. The end results of all this is nothing but sheer waste of money and time. So let’s quickly look at some essentials of a path breaking fat burn program:

Optimize Fat Breaking
People think that by simply burning fat they will get slim. Well it’s true but fat straight away doesn’t get burn because it has to be break down (lipolysis). The better your body will break the fat the more efficiently you can burn it. When your body starts to optimize the whole fat break process you will lose body fat in quick time.

Fat Adapted
This means when you make your body more capable at using the fat instead of glucose as a energy source things will start to change in a positive way and you will straight away see the results. You will start to be leaner and fitter even after the program.

Optimized for Stubborn-Fat
There are some parts of your body that aren’t utilized more even if you do a lot of walking or running around doing household chores or outside work. This makes them a perfect place for fat to accumulate and stays there. Your belly and love handles are such examples but a great program focuses to influence these parts directly and make the stubborn fat less stubborn.

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