Important Features of Progressive Web Application

In recent times all traditional businesses are moving to the online platform as part of digitalization. Increased usage of Mobile has a tremendous impact on Business. Starting from a Small Scale business to Enterprise level business having a Mobile App for their business advancement.

What is Progressive Web Application?

PWAs are web applications that are like any web pages or websites, but it appears to users like browsing any traditional applications or native mobile apps. No variation at all in UI and UX. It is the aggregate of potentials of websites and mobile applications that allow building impressive user experience, increases visits, and a Potential Conversion Rate.
What is the Significance of PWA?
PWA is helpful to Reach your Target audience. The mobile app is driving high traffic to the business and by building a PWA you can improve your business and brand identity.
 Advantages of having PWA for your Business are 
 mobile traffic is increased to 68% 
Pageviews is increased to 133.67%
Improved loading speed and installation time
Low Bounce rate of 42.86% as compared with mobile websites
Low Device Storage 
Improved User Engagement with 137%
Improved Conversion Rates by average 52%
Improved Average session timing

Merits of PWAs vs native apps

Independent App

PWAs is an independent app that does not need any third party like Google or Apple app stores for downloading and can be instantly launched to the home 

PWA is accessible using a web browser and it occupies less storage space compared to native mobile apps.

Flawless User Experience

PWA for eCommerce helps to invest in the single intuitive and interactive app instead of building separate apps for various platforms like android, iOS. Obviously, this is not suitable for All applications.

Demerits of PWAs versus native app

Limited Access iOS Features

When it comes to the iOs features, it is quite difficult to install to the iPhone, not able to send push notification for iOs therefore it is not suitable for the iOs platform. It is better to prefer Native Apps.

Not SEO friendly

PWA is not SEO friendly though they can be using app indexing, shown in google results. Users used to search apps on their app store and it provides space to explore with a huge audience.

Which one to prefer for your business?

There are various points to consider while choosing PWA's over native apps. Everything depends upon your business needs and budget you are planning and target end-users. However, if you have a limited budget but you want to achieve higher user engagement and retention rates then PWA is suitable for you.

Reasons and Benefits for Using PWA for your businesses
Adequate Web’s Power

PWAs have URL thus can run on any device. Containing web capabilities, PWAs support in-memory caching reduces loading time and better SEO results.

Native App-Like Experience

PWAs have a classy design that gives intuitive user experience like Native apps. It allows in-app notifications for personalized engagement.

Real-Time Updates

Supported by push notifications, PWAs deliver real-time updates and promotional messages, keeping the consumers updated at all times.

Work Offline

It provides a limitless user experience by allowing online and offline. As it is Network independent, it allows the users to work on offline

Add to Home Screen

PWAs are available instantly to the users at the home screen and enhances user engagement.

Supports Beacon & AR

PWAs support the latest technology like Beacon and AR.
They are used in proximity marketing and a more profound level of personalization with the users.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for E-commerce
1.No app stores, its like plug, and play. (No need of Play store and iOS Store to host app)
5.Always up-to-date
6.Save time and resources
7.Discoverable and shareable
8.Save data

Summing Up
You have to prefer the type of App to be developed for your Business, here we have discussed a budget-friendly PWAs and Flawless User-friendly Native Apps. I hope this information will help you to choose the right platform for your Business.
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On-Demand Apps are the bridges that connect the owners of various businesses with plenty of users in a shorter and quicker way. In this on-demand economy, building the most attractive and beneficial apps for your business can help you to connect with your consumers anytime, anywhere.