From all indications, there is every possibility that the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive any wireless connected device in a few years to come. For one reason or another, this trend which is already making the rounds in the everyday news is slowly but steadily revealing a greater potential for mobile app development. Already, many top app development companies in India are leveraging the IoT to enhance the development of apps for several objects such as glares, belts, and smartwatches.

With the rate at which networking is being transformed, anyone should expect to experience a whole new level of interaction between objects in real time. Interestingly, users will be able to utilize smartphone applications to operate and use this technology to its ultimate. The current growth occurring in the world of IoT is paving way for the amalgamation of the virtual world with the real world without any line between. Only the power of apps can effectively drive the extensive growth.

The impact of IoT on Mobile development

Most top app development companies have already started thinking about how IoT is going to drive app development as they have come to realize that mobile apps work extremely well together with the Internet of Things (IoT). Any mobile app developer who has not started to think about this new trend is already missing out on quite a lot of things.

There is already a rapid adoption of this technology in the mobile industry which has already begun to change and affect every aspect of the human lives. As a result, it is beginning to impact every industry and expanding development thereby presenting an enormous business opportunity in many sectors. Today, tech and mobile users are becoming more connected to their devices like never before, thanks to the invention and introduction of an awesome shared connectivity.

To this end, top app development companies have no other choice than to design and develop apps that are far more intelligent than traditional applications. Here are some important aspects through which the trend is impacting mobile app development.


One aspect of the trending Internet of Things that cannot be overlooked is wearables. Wearables like glasses, Apple watch, health band and so on are using Bluetooth or WiFi connection to connect and interact with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the actual sense, top app development companies have been able to develop and are still very much creating apps that can ensure the free flow and transfer of any data between these devices.

Like never before, there is a form of coordinated communication going on between them in a seamless and unhindered manner. A good example is the $149 ShotTracker – a basketball app designed to effectively calculate and obtain data on the shots made by a basketball player. Basically, the user needs to connect the hardware worn on the wrist (like a wristband) and ensure it’s connected to the sensor. The same data can be effectively assimilated into the app.

Apps for business

Apart from those in the consumer market, there are some other people who are already tracking the growth of IoT particularly in relation to smartphone applications. Many enterprises and their players are also anticipating a brighter future with the introduction of this new innovation. As a matter of fact, many have already begun making use of some sort of mobile applications aimed at enhancing business growth.

A typical example is TADO. With this app, users can effectively control the degree of hotness and coldness in a room by simply connecting the app to a device that has already been designed for this purpose. So, it is interesting to see how apps in several other sectors are combining with the Internet of Things to establish a solid base for development.

Health apps

It is also good to know that many of these top app development companies available today are not relenting in any way to ensure that other vital sectors like the healthcare benefit from this impressive development taking place in the tech world. Currently, there is a decreasing rate in the population of people seeking medical assistance in hospitals, wellness centers and other healthcare centers for minor health challenges, thanks to the advent and usages of home-used medical devices.

With the use of sensors, these devices are connected to mobile apps to ensure the effective transmission of vital information and data from the device to a smartphone via the app to enable users to understand their present condition and seek helpful solution even at home.

As part efforts to ensure complete and effective healthcare solution, these top app development companies are already in the business of developing IoT apps for Wellness and Preventive Care, Remote Clinical Monitoring and Assisted Living, and Chronic Disease Management. There are great prospects of growth in the health sector in years to come due to the introduction of this new technology which radiates a beam of hope, as regarding quality health.

So what does this mean for app development companies?

Now the development of applications is taking a shift from establishing communication and connection with a single mobile operating system as is the case. Rather, developers are delving into this unique phase of digitization known as the “IoT phase” to create mobile applications that can effectively connect a large number of devices to facilitate work. To this end, any app development agency looking to going into this aspect of app development is required to exhibit some seriously specialized skills.

Assuredly, it is good to know that IoT app development has come to stay as there are no signs of stopping now. No doubt, it is just getting started and will likely come in the form of enterprise applications, progressive web applications, and mobile application, as already examined. At the moment, smartphones are already exhibiting the important role of communication hubs which has made them particularly suitable for IoT. To this end, there is every need for top app development companies to get involved in the change and also try as much as possible to encourage startups to join in the trend.

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