Well let me guess, you want to know how the flex belt works? well let me tell you all about it and more! The flex belt uses ems muscle stimulation technology to contract and release your abdominal muscles.We all know how hard it is to work every part of your abs at once but the flext belt has the technology to target your whole abominal secrtion with the medical technology thats in this product has been approved by the fda for nuscle toning. Now be careful when using this product for the first time as if you crank the setting up it WILL BE uncomrotable. The setting goes from 0-150 so you have lots of room to improve on your ab strength. I would recomend starting any where around 10 even if you feel you have strong abs just to get use to the sensation. You are basiclly shocking your body and cause it to contract It does take some getting use to, but once you have used the belt once you will find it alot more easy and comfortable to have on. YOU WON'T EVEN NOTICE ITS ON! The belt uses gel pads postioned over the center abdominals and the outside obliques. Whem you turn on the flex belt it uses those postioned gel pads to stimulate nerves in your abdominal area. These certain nerves spread out over your whole stomach so your abs dont just contract under the pads. The best part about the flex belt is that it creates the perfect sit-up everytime no matter where you are or what your doing. Contracting your upper and lower abs aswell as your obliques is something that is challenging to do with just a sit-up. If your doing sit-ups incorrectly it may lead to back issues in the near future. This product in no way can lead to a back issue only stronger abs. The flex belt will help you get closer to the abs you want in a proven way.

This is a great product for anyone who does not have enough free time to get a work out in everyday. If your a new mom, or maybe your super busy at work right now then this is a great way to get the flatter stomach you always wanted. The flex belt is by no means a miracle product but with the right self control on what you eat this will do everything you need it to. Stay away from the dreaded mcdonalds as it takes a toll on your 6 pack and it should be smooth sailing towards the flatter stomach you've always wanted.

Well I hope I was able to answer a couple of your questions about the flex belt and thanks for taking the time to read this article about this amazing product.

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