When you think about engaging a congregation, what comes to mind: Compelling sermons? An engaging presenter? Those things are important, but the truth today is that engaging an audience anywhere has to do with leveraging the tools and technologies that they are using in their day-to-day lives. It should be widely noted today that a savvy tech integration will increase engagement of any congregation.

In addition, a defining goal within any house of worship is education and learning, so it makes perfect sense that the top learning techniques would be introduced and implemented as well. Religion is timeless, but how we learn is generational. In order to stay relevant and attract new audiences and generations, the most up-to-date engagement tools should be leveraged.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “it is a universal truth, when we learn through visuals, we grab the subject easily rather than just looking into the blackboard & listening.”

At Optoma, we’ve been in the ProAV game for decades, and heard from our customers that new ProAV tools were needed for teaching and audience engagement. That’s why last month, we introduced Optoma Creative Touch high definition, large-screen interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs). Available in 65”, 75” and 86” formats, Optoma is entering the IFPD market aligned with its longstanding brand commitment to bring the highest-quality products to market at the industry’s best pricing, starting at just $3,499 and with a three-year warranty – ensuring a high ROI for churches, temples, synagogues and mosques everywhere.

Boasting 4K UHD resolution and a 20-point touch-enabled display, Optoma’s Creative Touch interactive flat panels bring sermons and idea sharing to life – enabling the speaker to leverage video, mobile sharing, image sharing, graphs and even real-time polling of a congregation to keep the conversation timely and relevant.

Borrowing from the education market, according to a Gallup survey, “after introducing smart technology in schools and colleges, students’ engagement rate has improved by 55 percent.”

Like education, worship should not be a passive mandate – it should be an enjoyable opportunity where people are uplifted, engaged and inspired.

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