As we know there is always a boon and ban of anything like we have an example of Mobile Phone which really plays an important role in our life. It is considered to be the best creation of human being which solve any issues with-in seconds like finding a place, not an issue there is a several platform or assistant which may find best suited to you. Need entertainment just on your entertainment with your cell phone.

Smartphones are very much common in our day to day life generally and increasingly in the working environment. It is counted that there were near about 22 million of them in 2007 - and no doubt if this number is increased, with a lot of people having two (a personal and other is for professional use ). But one who is using these stuff they should know all the potential hazardous effect of mobile phones before using it.

There are numerous issues of relevance to union members and health and safety representatives connected with mobile phones. These are:

Health Risks
Road Accidents
Personal Protection
Mental Stress

Radiation from mobile phones isn't just connected with growth yet additionally with endless infections like heart issues. An investigation distributed in the European Journal of Oncology, radiations transmitted by cordless telephones, including mobiles, add to variations from the norm in heart work. Results announced that radiation causes the red platelets (RBCs) to leak hemoglobin and prompt heart confusions.

Be careful men! Your telephone can even make you barren. Starting at now there's sufficient proof to demonstrate that cell phone radiation diminishes sperm tally in male rats. To distinguish whether similar remains constant in people, A study founded which uncovered that the gathering of men who utilized cell phones had a diminished sperm cell check in their semen, prompting barrenness.

Today, every substitute individual in the city has headphones connected to. In any case, that is not by any means the only motivation behind why hearing misfortune is expanding in youth and grown-ups. Your portable radiation is an extra factor that is making you hard of hearing. Studies report that long-haul presentation to the electromagnetic (EM) fields from PDAs adds to decreasing hearing capacity. An examination by Oktay MF and Dasdag S demonstrated that individuals who went to telephone calls for around 2 hours consistently were at a higher danger of weakened hearing contrasted with the individuals who direct clients.

Researchers and specialists accuse the electromagnetic radiation from radio waves as the operators that expansion the danger of growth in individuals utilizing PDAs – particularly in kids. On account of phone towers, individuals living in close-by zones are continually presented to high electromagnetic radiation. Since electromagnetic radiation is in charge of modifications in the working of biologic cells and tissues, these individuals are at a more serious danger of getting radiation sicknesses.

Which further cannot nullify but we can take suitable measures in order to reduce that effects like we can use some hand free Mobile Phone accessories such as Bluetooth, earphones mobile stands Mobile back covers and mobile tempered glass which helps us to keep mobile phones away from our body. what safety measures we can follow that is:-

- Using of Smartphones when it is necessary.
- Try to keep away from you when it does not require.
- Ensuring the networks are full when you are using
- Avoiding making calls where background noise is high.

Not utilizing cell phones in possibly hazardous climates, including impacting activities, fuelling zones, for example, petroleum stations, and in various assembling circumstances.

Limiting use when driving an engine vehicle - utilizing a portable can influence vehicle dealing with and cause a driver to be diverted.

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