One of the objectives behind SugarCRM theme customization is to create customized workflow processes by applying rules that are relevant for the business. This enables the software to offer services like acknowledging an order from a customer automatically by sending an email. Such responses are found to improve customer relation, save money and time of the concerned organization. SugarCRM theme customization services offered by expert professionals can provide efficient workflow tool. Such a tool enables a business to simplify processes that involve multiple processes like creation of an order or making a purchase.

There are many small and medium sized businesses that strive to track sales opportunities from start to close. SugarCRM theme customization can be highly effective in adding consistency to the flow of lead generation activities. This enables the managers to track how many sales opportunities were eventually converted to sales. Such tracking of sales process is crucial for evaluating potential value contribution and success of sales group.

SugarCRM theme customization can automate many tasks done by employees. This not only improves productivity but also saves time and money while improving customer relationship. SugarCRM can be customized to provide customer support services with updated history of customer records. This may include access to every conversation, order details, preferences recorded during earlier interactions. Such SugarCRM theme customization aims in managing all complex data into a single system for streamlining workflow process.

SugarCRM was initially launched as free open source CRM tool that can be customized. However, for basic SugarCRM theme customization and other customization, users are required to know PHP development language or engage experts in that field for customization. Since its introduction as a free web based CRM solution SugarCRM has evolved to offer comprehensive CRM solution that can be deployed in a hosted environment. Such improvements have contributed in making it a fastest growing CRM company with more than a million end users spread over 192 countries. Nearly 7000 companies of different sizes and activities have opted for SugarCRM’s On-Site and Cloud Computing services.

Sugar Open Cloud was announced in SugarCRM5.5 version. It added an interface that supports REST (representational state transfer). This version also allowed users to log in via mobile devices like iPhone and BlackBerry. SugarCRM theme customization was accordingly aimed at customizing user interface for mobile users. The latest version of SugarCRM, Sugar 6.5 offers several attractive features like drag and drop user interface of calendar, improved navigation along with full text search. There has been remarkable improvements across database and user interface layers in this version.

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