Every year in March we celebrate Stop Your Drama Month. Why March, you ask? Well...most of us are recovering from a very gray winter, with some moments of SAD or depression. We made New Year's Resolutions but we didn't keep them and we are rounding the bend to the first quarter. Many of us are recovering from overspending and over eating during the holidays and Valentine's day. Plus...besides Women's History Month and St. Patrick's Day, there isn't a lot of competition, so that is why March is Stop Your Drama Month. Now I’m inviting other businesses to create their own celebrations that will benefit them, their clients and their employees. This article gives you some ideas to use the Stop Your Drama Month theme to have a little fun and improve your business in the process.

Offer Free Advice
The reason you are in business is because you solve some sort of problem. If you could look at your customer’s problem as “their drama” and you as the one who can stop it, you can have some fun with this theme. Let’s say for example you have an automotive service, and the big drama that your clients are experiencing is the price of gasoline.

Write a short article or a bulleted list that shows your clients three ways to get the most gas mileage.

Let’s say you cater to Baby Boomer women and you run a health food store. Write a quick article about five foods that are great for anti-aging and offer a recipe using some of these ingredients and foods. In your title, use the word “Drama” to get their attention.

Offer Specials
What a great opportunity to offer specials for a whole month in the name of stopping drama. For example if you own a restaurant, on your slowest day offer two for the price of one “Stop Your Drama Meal Deals” or with each parent, one child under the age of 10 eats for free. Or let’s say you own a window washing business and you offer a fifteen percent discount for any orders that take place during March but can be used until September. Own a gym? Offer two for the price of one only during March, and you’ll get new clients every March, two months after the rush for New Year’s resolutions.

Get creative and use March to get yourself additional business, and more clients.

Involve Your Employees
Perhaps the way you celebrate Stop Your Drama Month is to engage your employees. Have a Stop Your Drama lunch and learn. Or have a contest where the most creative way to stop the drama wins $100. Or, have fun with a “no complaint” month and have each employee make a commitment to drop a quarter in the jar every time he complains and every time she catches someone complaining. This act alone will eliminate complaints for at least a month and possibly set a new habit.
Or if you want to go for the positive, ask each employee each day to drop a not in the gratitude jar. The note must be something for which he or she is grateful. At the end of the month have a gathering and pull out of the jar random notes of gratitude.

Engage Your Clients
What if you could do something so whacky that it would put a smile on the face of the person you are serving? What if the DMV asked you to jot a note of appreciation to drop in the gratitude jar right after renewing your license? If nothing else it would generate a discussion and a laugh, therefore you would be helping to stop drama just by being humorous.
Or what if after being served a meal, the waiter asked you to jot down something positive about your experience at the restaurant so he could post it on their website?

The ideas are too numerous to mention, but you get the point. The idea is there for you to use. I believe that we need to stop focusing on how bad everything is, and one way to do this is to step into our power to become creators. How are you going to capitalize on Stop Your Drama Month?

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