The business world has changed a lot in the past few years. Today’s customers have access to pool of data and information. They know their rights, market price and all other related information which help them to take decisions in their favor. Moreover, competition has increased to another level. Now, companies need to deal with the competition at the local level, national level and international level. A little bit of carelessness in handling a lead can result in loss of customer and market position. Thus, customer satisfaction is really important. The business needs to take all steps in delivering the best customer experience and do everything possible to increase the satisfaction of the customers and why not? The efforts in the direction of customer satisfaction help in getting repeat business as well as reference business. That is why many companies have setup in-house customer care center by acquiring the best call center solution and skilled customer care executives.

The best call center solution often comes with a wide array of features which can be used to provide quicker and the best answer to the customers, as and when needed. However, a fact to be kept in mind is that different call center solutions can have different features to offer. One of the features generally not available yet very important for customer care centers is the “Sticky Agent”. Let me share how the sticky agent plays an important role in increasing the satisfaction of the customers.

Sticky agent is a call routing rule in the call center solution. It works in a way that the call of a customer gets routed to the agent who handled his / her call last time. It means the call of the customer gets connected to the same agent every time. The agent knows the customer, his preference, mood and other details. Thus, he can give quicker answers. Moreover, the agent can provide personalized information to the customer which would help in delivering the best customer experience. Also, the call wrap up time can be reduced.

The sticky agent feature of the call center solution has helped many customer care centers to increase the customer satisfaction ratio by 50 to 200%. Thus, it is one of the must have call routing rules in the call center software. However, there are many call center solutions which don’t have the sticky agent feature. Thus, make sure to look for the call center solution which have sticky agent feature.

If you already have a call center solution, you can request to get the sticky agent feature developed and integrated from your provider. If you are using VICIDial solution, you can get VICIDial customization service to get this feature. There are many top VoIP companies which have developed a VICIDial custom module of the Sticky Agent that you can integrate within the least possible turnaround time. Of course, VICIDial customization and custom module development would cost additional money, but it is worth investment due to the benefits brought by the top class call center software feature, called, the sticky agent.

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Mehul S works in a company that offers call center solution and related services such as, call center CRM integration, VICIDial customization, call center social media integration, etc.