The advocates of solo travel disregard traveling in a group. The solo travelers make a unique community around the world that does not see beyond their style of traveling. However, there is nothing wrong with one way of vacationing or another. Everyone has his or her preferred things and activities to do. Solo travel gives you immense freedom indeed, but not all people like to stay alone for the entire duration of their holiday.

Before you read ahead, the key take out from this article is that you can explore group travel with strangers to enjoy the perks of solo and group travel.

Enjoying the group activities

There are some things that you cannot enjoy alone, one of which is white water rafting, for example. Such things are best enjoyed with a closed circle of friends only, and you may ruin the experience perhaps if you decide to go alone. Exploring an adventure park is also best done when you have at least one person with you. Imagine wandering around alone, trying to strike a conversation with strangers, but not being successful at it. It all becomes frustrating at times even when you took the decision to travel alone.

Travel groups 

You can join a travel group that a reputed travel organizer may arrange for you. People in such groups have similar expectations as you have. They are also looking for some alone time and some group enjoyment at the same time. Whenever you go to enjoy a new destination where you might not feel safe, you can go with the group. If you are going for trekking to a lonesome destination without mobile network, you must have at least a few people around. Even if you do not make friends with people around, you can at least reassure yourself that people are there in case something goes wrong.

When you stay in a camp with someone, you ca digress from the bonfire activity at night if you feel like, and enjoy some solitary time sitting along a rock. Being in a group of unknown yet slightly known acquaintances lets you be safe, yet enjoy solo travel. No one in such groups minds if any one member wants to spend some time alone. Everyone understands what you expect from this kind of journey unless they are complete nerds.

Research about the group

Before joining a random travel group may be dangerous at some times when you do not know anything about anyone. If you are a female, researching well about the members of your troupe becomes even more necessary for your safety. You can ask your travel organizer about the details of each member so that you have at least some background about them. It is good not to rely on strangers in every country, even though you know that travelers are not criminals most of the times.

Solo travel makes a person independent, but you can experience the same while visiting places in a group. Since everyone is new to each other, you can talk about things but in the end, you have to take care of yourself on your own. Your family will not be there to take care of you if you fall sick. You cannot hire a Self-Drive Car since the group may be too big to fit into a car; it teaches you to adjust with strangers in a mini bus. You may have to share your favorite pizza with a dog on the street when you are eating alone; it teaches you empathy. It all depends on you what you take away from your style of travel, whether you do it alone or with people.

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