Mobile app development has increased tremendously over the years. No business is immune to demand for mobile apps as most of the companies are getting on the bandwagon to have a mobile app to reach out to more customers.

You will hardly find any business that hasn’t look for the opportunities provided by mobile apps. Companies from a plethora of industries are attracted to these opportunities. Businesses look to develop apps which have higher engagement rate with the customers. Mobile app engagement has been an essential part of the success of an app.

The digital world dominates our lives as most of the people are on dependent on mobile apps whether it is daily tasks management, entertainment or shopping. Social media has also become an integral part of our daily lives. Most of the people now have their user profile on social media.

Every business can now outline these user profiles along with their newsfeed, feedback given in the form of likes, shares as well as comments. For a mobile app to reach higher engagement rate, social media can play a crucial role. There are various ways through which social media can boost engagement rate of any app.

Let’s look at some of the ways via which social media can boost your business’s mobile app engagement.

1. Getting popular social media along with instant messengers integrated with the mobile app

By integrating social media as well as instant messengers, mobile apps can have higher engagement rate. By means of introducing them, it makes it easier for the user to better engage with the apps. Hence it becomes easier for the app to get integrated with the daily routine of the users. It includes different functions.

a. Signing in through user profile on any of the famous social media networks,

b. Sharing of content across different popular social media platforms.

c. Inviting acquaintances and friends on social as well contacts in messenger in order to try out the business app.

There are various technologies which enable integration of social media in the mobile app. Some of them are Facebook libraries, Google+ libraries and Twitter libraries. All of them are available for iOS and Android. In case of iPhone users, the companies indulged in app development usa need to take advantage of these social media platforms and their libraries.

2. Increasing Engagement through Push Notifications
It is a well-known fact that push notifications aren’t a revolutionary feature however, it is quite confidence building feature. In case an app is lacking push notifications, then it is missing out on getting better user engagement. By simply introducing this particular feature with the default settings of the app isn’t enough to achieve higher engagement rate.

Standard push notifications are rather cold as well as impersonal messages to the users which will likely annoy the app users which might cause them to turn off these notifications completely. That is why it is essential to customize the push notifications according to eh users to get effectiveness. It allows the app to tailor the messages based on the profile of the user of the app and leads it to become the best feature to boost the mobile app engagement.

3. Streamlined Content Ranking
Newsfeed on social media which appear in the user profile is the simple and straightforward system. However, it won’t achieve the target of increasing user engagement of the app. By means of streamlining the newsfeed through new technologies such as machine learning algorithms into the app assists the users to get relevant content and the content creator gets a chance to reach out to their target audience. It is important to leverage the newsfeed on social media to best of the ability. It will lead to increased interactions of the user with the app through expressed content views along with likes, comments as well as shares.

Streamlined and smart content ranking is one of the most powerful feature of Facebook and apps can take advantage of this feature by inculcating Facebook. iPhone app development company usa needs to take advantage of using Facebook to improve the app engagement rate of the app development by them for the iPhone users.

4. Experience of the Users based on Location
Geographical positioning provides the business for locating the user with a smartphone or any type of device.

There are many popular apps with this feature such as Instagram which provides its users with an opportunity to geotag all of their photos. Similarly, Uber allows the users to view the car information and location. There are other apps such as Tinder which use GPS technology to boost its app engagement. Geographical positioning offers a wide range of opportunities.

a. It is comfortable as well as familiar to the users. It provides easy navigation which is enabled through the integration of Google Maps.

b. It allows automatic delivery of advertisements and content which are relevant to the user which is based on their current as well as preferred location,

c. It helps the users to find other users. Social networking allows the mobile apps to boost engagement through allowing the users to get in contact with other users.

d. It keeps track of the device of the user as well as logging the relevant metrics like the places the user has visited, the distance the user has travelled etc. to be used in future.
This helps the app to improve its functionality to serve best the users which leads to higher engagement. Social media allows the app to get the location and other information of the users.

5. Wider range of Types of Content
When it comes to social media features of the mobile apps, it is important to consider the importance of content diversity.

The popular apps demonstrate that if there is more diverse types of content which is allowed by social media, the more goals an app can assist the users to achieve hence improving the engagement. In the mobile app development, it is important to consider multiple types of content to be displayed to the users through the app.

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