I remember it clearly, the day that I realised the inevitable was coming.


After washing my hair, I noticed that I was losing a lot in the shower, it was falling out, rapidly.

Like most men, I was terrified at the prospect of a bald head, especially when you’re in your mid 20’s.

Hair loss in men is very common, it’s a genetic trait, that is caused by the gradual shrinking of hair follicles as you age, but not all men are affected.

As the hair follicle shrinks, it becomes less and less efficient at growing hair. You’ll noticed that your hairs will becomes thinner, and weaker, on certain parts of your head.

How to Deal with Going Bald

Depending on what type of male pattern baldness you are effected by, your hair will start thinning at the front, and you’ll start to experience a receding hairline.

Or - like in my case - your hair loss with start at the top (crown) of your head, and work its way outward until a “bald patch” appears.

When the dreaded bald patch becomes very visible, you have two choices:

Deal with it gracefully and shave your head.

or try to cover it by growing the surrounding hair longer.

I chose the former, got myself a set of hair clippers and shaved my head.

Now, I’ll admit it, I was scared, I loved my hair and was sad to see it go.

I thought that walking around with a shaven head was going to seriously affect my self-confidence, in a very negative way.

But the exact opposite happened.

I seemed to gain more respect and self-confidence, I suited a shaven head, and people liked my new look.

Plus, I was saving a fortune on haircuts.

In fact, a couple of studies I found about how bald men are socially perceived, showed that bald men appear more confident, dominant, stronger, and masculine.

Seriously – check the references.

If you’re thinning up top, or even if you’re not, shaving your head can give a massive boost to your self-esteem, and confidence.

Its scientifically proven that bald men are more “Alpha”.
And if you need some reinforcement about taking the leap from hair to hairless, just look at celebrities like The Rock, Jason Statham, LL Cool J, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, and Floyd Mayweather.

These guys are the essence of strength, masculinity, and dominance.

I’m quite fortunate, as I suit the shaven look, and it’s now an engrained part of my shaving and grooming routine.

I use an electric shaver (Braun Series 3 Pro Skin) for my face, every other day. In my opinion, it’s the best electric shaver for the money.

And once a week I use my Philips Series 5000 Hair Clippers without the guard comb, and set the blades to cut at 1mm, as I find this creates a smart stubble look and blends the hair in nicely.

So, the next time you’re worried about losing you confidence and self-worth with your natural loss of hair – remember the science and celebrities (and me) that prove the opposite to be true.





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