Throwing a party can prove to be a hectic job at its own accord. You have to organize the food and beverages, take care of the decoration and arrange music, to list a very few. But we hope you didn't forget the security part because security is one component that would ensure a smooth and safe party experience. 

Security is far more than just contacting an agency who would deploy a few personnel at your venue. It’s rather about communication and coordination between every acting agent in a party. You would obviously want to stay in the loop as the chief organizer of the party, direct the personnel accordingly and pay attention to every minute detail of the party. 



If your party features a live performance, electronic devices will include sound systems, speaker, amplifier, and many other big-budget instruments. In that case, you need to ensure the security of the party is tightened.

A security personnel is held accountable in case of

  • Casualty or injury of any guests
  • Damage to property
  • Managing the crowd
  • Handling miscreant activities
  • Preventing illegal break-ins into the party premises.

Here are some tips on how you can ask the security personnel for the party for securing your costly assets:

  • Communication: Communication is essential to manage the instruments and assets in a party. Coordinate with all the security officials and give them a list of all the expensive instruments you need to be looked after. Tell them to secure all the exit and entrance gates of the venue, so that someone in the crowd doesn’t steal your precious property. Ask security guards to manage the crowd so that your instruments have less chance of getting damaged. 
  • Saboteurs: Be wary of attendees who may pose a risk to your instruments. Some people only go to venues to sabotage the party. Be cautious about any activity that may seem fishy at the outset. Get a list of everyone who is invited for the party to prevent the entry of outsiders. Party protesters usually buy tickets in bulk so that they may get their devotees on board. Pay attention to the surrounding area where the party is hosted and check whether anyone is expressing an abnormal behaviour which may include:
  • Not paying attention to the party events
  • Not mingling with party guests
  • Checking the venue layout

If any of this is the case, contact your security personnel and let them know.

  • Crowd management: Crowd management is the pinnacle of any security. In a concert, where there is a lot of crowd, managing them can prove to be rather difficult. Moreover, they want to go wild, which may pose a threat to your valuable instruments. The golden rule of crowd management is, never allow more people at the venue than what is permitted. Also, always ensure there are security personnel deployed at the exit gates of the venue. This way, you can manage the crowd at the gates. 

There are many companies offering party security for hire and depending upon your party requirements, you can choose your deal wisely. Lastly, go wild and have a blast, but keep in mind the rationality of discipline. That is the mantra for a safe and fun party. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a founding member of security for party agency and keeps on educating readers about the benefits of hiring security guards for a safe party experience.