All businesses are seriously suffering from the pandemic. Especially the food industries face many issues that make it hard to sustain the restaurants. As dining and delivery are restricted there is no way for them to make a profit from the business. Even many of the customers face financial issues so the number of visitors or deliveries has abruptly reduced.

However, the top restaurant manager Hasan Lakhani gives hopes to the restaurant business. He owns a popular restaurant known as Lakhani kitchen that he built from scratch. He knows the best ways to handle issues that many faces in the businesses. Let us see some of the tips on how restaurants can survive right now.

1. Keep the social media page active

Many restaurants feel it hard to maintain their social media page fresh. If your restaurant has an Instagram, Facebook or any social pages, then make it more attractive by offering promo codes.

Post photos of your services and hardworking staffs. It can encourage customers to help your restaurant to survive now. Also, have a good connection with other small business for promotion. Many small restaurants are surviving by following this technique.

2. Go for funding

In many places, special funds are offered for businesses during the lockdown. You can get these funds and run your restaurant business in this pandemic. These funds are available with low interests and easy payback methods. Finding different sources of funding can tide your business in this crucial time.

3. The program for frontline business

Connect with the local hospitals and donate them meals from your restaurant. Donating at least one meal on your menu can be an act of generosity. For your generosity, these hospitals may contact you for more food deliveries. Many restaurants that follow this technique have benefited by selling thousands of meals and earning profit from local hospitals.

4. Connect with third-party food delivery firms

Connecting with a reliable third party food delivery platform can earn you considerable profit at this time. Some of these platforms also offer you a commission. Another best thing about the food delivery app is that there are plenty of options for you to choose from.
Even if you cannot offer the discounts they provide offers for your food and help in generating more customers. If you provide food and receive positive reviews, then you can effortlessly sustain your restaurant during this time.

5. Provide contactless pick up options

Many customers do not visit the restaurant at this time due to fear of disease spreading in-crowd. To solve this issue, you can set up a separate space in your restaurant for contactless pickup. Also, keep sanitizers readily available in these places.

You can also choose the contactless online delivery options for your restaurants. Restaurants doing this can survive their food business even in this pandemic. These services show how much you care about the health of your customers. Without even interaction, you may gain more customers in this pandemic.


Surviving a restaurant is a tough task to do in this pandemic. If you own a restaurant, then sustain it by following the smart tips mentioned above.

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Source – Muhammad Hasan Lakhani - Restaurant General Manager - Lakhani Kitchen in Dubai