So what’s a cloud? Where is it? How has it affected our lives? And how does it work? How reliable is the cloud? Let’s take a closer look!

What is Cloud?

The definition of a cloud is "The cloud is a collection of interconnected IT services and infrastructures that are accessible via a network”.
We can all agree that it went right over our heads so let us tell you in plain language. “The cloud service is basically anything that syncs and backs up data that can be accessed via multiple devices”.
Some common examples would include Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Apple’s iCloud etc.
But wait; wasn’t Apple iCloud’s hacked back in 2014? It stirred a big controversy with over millions of iOS passwords leaked and celebrity’s personal explicit photos were made public.
Now that does make you think twice about the cloud reliability, doesn’t it? But there is more to it. Further research shows that cloud itself wasn’t hacked; the hackers had targeted specific accounts and used the vulnerabilities in the Apple Password Security System to guess the passwords and security questions. So it was not the cloud. In cloud’s defense, it is completely safe and it has done wonders for the modern business world.

Is Cloud Technology reliable?

Cloud Computing has basically revolutionized the way we do business nowadays. For small businesses it is a godsend as it cuts down on production costs and increases productivity. Previously, people used to run applications or programs from software downloaded on a server in the building or another computer but cloud computing allows access to similar applications over the internet. The reliability on cloud technology has undoubtedly skyrocketed in recent times.

According to one survey, about 95% of the businesses globally would have moved to the cloud by the end of 2017 and here’s why?

1 – The cloud services are flexible hence you can increase or decrease your bandwidth as the business demands.
2 – This one might be the biggest advantage of the cloud and it is “Disaster Recovery”. You can recover any data from your cloud based backup if your data backup is destroyed due to any reason.
3 – You don’t need to fret about installing new updates or a software on each employee’s computer, your cloud service provider will take care of the updates for you giving you time to focus on more important things. For e.g. growing your Business! So, cloud reliability in this aspect truly deserves applause!
4 – Cloud computing greatly reduces the cost of setting up your own data information centers and buying a lot of hardware, not the mention the manpower needed to build and develop that data center. Whoosh! That’s a pretty penny substituted with economical subscription cost to a reliable cloud service.
5 – Another pro of Cloud Computing is easy access to files and documents. Cloud-based workflow increases visibility and efficiency of any project.
6 – You don’t need to be on your office computer if you need to work. With cloud computing, you can work even when you are not at work, all you require is the internet access. Many cloud services are now releasing their mobile applications which will make working easier as you would be able to access it on your smartphones as well. This keeps the employees happy too without productivity ever taking a hit.
7 – Any lost device that contains your private and confidential files is a great risk if lost. Cloud has got us covered in this area as well as you can recover the data from the cloud and you can also remote wipe the data from the lost device. Some awesome features that proves how reliable is the cloud technology!

Is Cloud Reliability still Questionable?

Now that we have established that Cloud is transforming the businesses of today and how it has impacted our lives, we would like to discuss the concerns regarding the digital cloud. Entrusting your most sensitive and confidential data is a big deal, in the wake of which many consumers express their concerns over cloud reliability. Despite popular opinion, cloud is one safest and reliable ways to store your data today. We will here be addressing some of the most common concerns regarding the digital cloud and its reliability.

What Protects The Cloud?

Cloud systems are heavily encrypted with complex encryption methods to ensure maximum protection. Decryption is only possible with the encryption key and even then the decryption would requires large processing power, forensic software and a whole lot of time. It is not 100% impossible but if you compare your local data storage to cloud storage then the cloud wins hands down.
Are Third Party Cloud Storage Services Reliable?
There are no geographical limits to cloud storage so you are not limited to go for a local service. Always remember you get what you pay for. So only choose the best and reliable cloud service provider. Research if that service provider has had problems with security breaches previously. Good cloud storage would keep your data accessible and safe at all times so choosing a reliable cloud storage service is important.
What is an SLA? What does it Guarantee?
SLA is an abbreviation for Service Level Agreement that your cloud service provides you. This document outlines the type of service you can expect from your cloud service provider so read it thoroughly. It mentions the uptime, the security methods and the encryption that the cloud hosting service offers so be very mindful of SLA’s.
If you have chosen a good and a reliable Cloud Service Provider then there is no reason to worry about data security or cloud reliability. Our consensus says “The Cloud is Reliable and its worth all the applause it’s getting”.

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