In today's fast forward routine where everybody want to run in full speed in their career and aspire for growth which has resulted in extremely stressful career goals.

We have occupied ourselves so much that we hardly pay any attention towards aur eating habits or have time exercise.

Specially in Delhi not even adults but also youngsters are also facing the problem of hair loss hence result is baldness. There are many hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

Hair transplant is the latest craze not only for those who have lost their hair to untimely fall but even for them who want to alter their hairlines or acquire an attractive mane. Due to which many hair transplant centers have been open in Delhi. But the Question is are hair transplants really safe and successful? Is it a lasting process ?

So following is the answer to your question:

In simple words this process can be explained as a cosmetic surgery that helps in plantation of hair permanently. This procedure helps in growing areas that have become bald.

As per researcher the hair transplant is 100% worth it. The hair follicles that are transplant stay there for lifetime because the hair that is used in the process of transplantation is taken from permanent zone. The hair that is used in the process of transplantation is generally taken from permanent zone of the scalp that is back and side of the head of the donor. This hair is not affected by baldness. This is the soul reason why hair transplants are permanent. The hair that is planted gives the natural look and feels the same. You can cut, dye or shave them like your normal hair. The best part of this process is They will again grow back like your natural hair.

Advantages of hair transplant:

-Hair transplant does not require a donor. As the donor sites for extraction of hair follicles are within your own body.

-This technique also assures you complete safety. As The amount of anesthesia is regulated to suit the needs of the patient.

-With this process, patients will not be worried of losing consciousness.

Disadvantages of hair transplant:

- After surgery, the scalp remains numb for a long period of time.

- Many a times , the procedure may require more than one session. This eventually results in more costs. Time is also wasted.

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DermaClinix is a well equipped hair transplant and skin center located in the heart of the Delhi city in the state of New Delhi, INDIA. We, here have an ultra-modern set-up with a well-equipped reception and a special waiting room for the patient’s attendants. We are a team led by chief surgeons, Dr. Kavish Chouhan & Dr. Amrendra Kumar ably assisted by our highly efficient staff that is always ready to take care of you in all aspects during and after the hair transplantation.