The accounting industry is a competitive landscape. Every year the complexity of taxes increases for a range of professionals, which means new opportunities for CPAs and accounting firms. However, if you are already burdened with the work you have at the time of the tax season, how will you scale and grow? 

Using Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting can help you drastically reduce challenges in the accounting landscape. For example, your CPAs can work on the go and they don’t need to sit in the office till 9 in the night to help the client.  

Why Choose QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting? 

As a business owner, it is obvious to ask why should you choose QuickBooks Enterprise hosting? Is it the need of the hour? What benefit will you gain with this deployment? 

Let’s find out: 

Scalability and Adjustability 

CPAs and accounting firms expect growth every year during the tax seasons. They try converting new opportunities into customers and retain these customers every year after that. However, without QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, scalability entails increasing office hardware and resource capabilities regularly at the time of high demand.  

With the hosting, you can scale and descale on demand. This is to say that if you require more resources and performance during the peak season, you can improve your storage and resources. However, you are not forced to maintain and manage these resources and storage once you no longer need them. On the cloud, businesses can easily descale.   

Business Continuity 

Businesses need a contingency plan to continue working at the time of disaster as well. For example, the COVID pandemic disrupted many businesses and so did floods and earthquakes. If you have experienced the wrath of any manmade or natural disasters, you may already know how challenging it is to resume business. 

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting secures your data and application on redundant servers. This means even during the disaster; you can recover your backups and continue working. Therefore, with the cloud, you have disaster recovery, business continuity, and contingency plan.  


QuickBooks Enterprise software has some resource and hardware requirements, similar to any other software or technology. However, managing these hardware and resource requirements is difficult for the business due to high costs. The cost of the IT team, hardware, maintenance, upgrade, and management are all included in this budget. 

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting helps deploy the software on the cloud on a minimal budget. There’s a recurring charge every month for the cloud management, maintenance, and upgrade activities. You can eliminate costs related to hardware and IT, and scalability additionally helps optimize QuickBooks Enterprise pricing.   

Security and Data Privacy 

CPAs and accounting firms handle sensitive accounting and tax data of customers and other businesses. It is imperative to create a security layer over this data to avoid fraud and reputational loss to the company. 

When using desktop-based QuickBooks Enterprise, it may become difficult for the company to secure individual systems. It is possible to create a strong security structure, but only with experienced IT and security professionals.  

QuickBooks Enterprises hosting helps secure app data without any effort from your team. The cloud is designed with security controls, including: 

  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention 
  • Access control 
  • Antivirus and antimalware 
  • 256-bit encryption 

These security measures help save data from theft and intrusion without any challenge. Your team can remotely monitor the activity of various QuickBooks Enterprise instances to maintain and manage security. 

You may be wondering that accessing QuickBooks Enterprise remotely can also risk your data. However, when employees open QuickBooks Enterprise remotely, they are just accessing an instance of the app, which is not on the endpoint. Any attack or damage to the endpoint doesn’t reach your tools and data.   

Optimum Customer Support 

QuickBooks Enterprise software is used by CPA firms, which means they need an IT team to resolve issues that appear while using the software. These challenges can include downtime, system failure, upgrade, issues, and other problems. 

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting comes with 24/7 customer support from the provider. This involves technical support for any possible situation that your employees might face. 

For example, you have lost progress on a project due to some reason and you need to restore to a backup image. However, your team doesn’t understand how to restore a backup image.  

What should you do? 

In this case, you can call your customer support and receive a stepwise guide for the same. There’s no additional charge for these support services. It is included in your hosting package. Your team can connect with the hosting provider at any point for support on uptime, deployment, upgrade, data retrieval, scalability, etc.  

Automatic Upgrades and Maintenance 

QuickBooks Enterprise needs regular upgrades to keep the software in good shape. Similar to any other technology, your IT team needs to ensure regular updates as and when they arrive. This helps eliminate security issues.  

Additionally, the maintenance of desktops is also achieved in-house. For example, your system has crashed and you need to recover it. 

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting doesn’t involve these issues. The cloud provider automatically upgrades your software. You will not experience downtime for this activity. This means that the IT team doesn’t need to manually check every system with QuickBooks Enterprise to ensure updates. They can check the status remotely from a central location as well. 

Further, the maintenance of the cloud is also achieved by the provider, which means a maintained and functional system is available to your employees all the time.  


QuickBooks Enterprise hosting deploys your software on the cloud server, which means both cloud and QuickBooks Enterprise benefit your business. Hence, if you were able to only enjoy automation and support offered by QuickBooks Enterprise, hosting solutions advance these functionalities. You can work remotely, receive 99.99% uptime, and improve your business continuity plan.  

Author's Bio: 

Bhavleen is a writer at Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading hosting provider for tax software, with several years of experience in the cloud industry. She loves to research various technologies and has a firm grasp on topics like Accounting, ERP, VDI, and HIPAA.