Quality is “Conformance to requirements” . These requirements are the target that must be met in order to make a project successful. The requirements are agreed upon by all the stakeholders.Requirement keeps on evolving during the project cycle.Different phases could be well analyzed and discussed in a QA Training.

Requirements lays foundation for various tasks to be planned . These types of requirements are an example of projects which have clear requirements definition and the domain is not research oriented. Such domains are well understood and have been previously worked upon in almost same. Domains could be understood by QA Training.

Research oriented domain:

The domain is most important while considering to extract and evaluate requirement .With evolving technology now new domains are coming into existence which have been worked less or is still in emerging phases. QA Training also provide chances for discussion on various domains in terms of sharing knowledge. Such domains are research oriented and they can be well understood only by getting to know them by working on it.

Challenging resources planning :

There are certain projects which are research based and the requirements cannot be clearly stated at the beginning . Such project could be considered as a challenge in terms of planning and resource scheduling as not much is known at the beginning. QA Training can let you learn how testing resources could be managed.

Drafting a basic prototype testing module :

For such a project technique must be applied that divide the project into a number of small modules. Draft a basic prototype sample module that includes some basic functionality and execute this as a pilot project to have an estimate of how things will proceed. There are many techniques that can be learned by gaining exposure thorough QA Training .

This initial prototype helps to gather data to test what is unknown till then . As this process grows unknown starts becoming known and domain starts taking its shape .Collect the project data and use it as basic metrics to calculate future estimates of effort , schedule and budget . Modules are tested one by one and provide usage data for the further modules .Such techniques can be learned by joining QA Training.

Exploratory Testing:

This could also be accompanied by exploratory testing .While testing for such project where requirement grows in parallel .QA Training can provide you a chance to work on live projects that could help you learn exploratory testing. Requirements must be worked on continuously and converted to test cases .

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