Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) ranks after other plastics like PET and PP among popular thermoplastic polymers in the world. It’s naturally white and brittle before plasticizers are added. PVC plastic is relatively cheaper, very hard, has outstanding tensile strength, and highly resistant to environmental degradation and chemicals. With such features and ease of recycling, PVC is now commonly used for various applications including pillow boxes for packaging multiple items.

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Key properties of PVC

Rigid PVC is very hard
High tensile strength
Readily available and cheaper
High density with a specific gravity of about 1.4

How is PVC made?

Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic material regarding response to heat. It liquefies at the material’s melting point. This is about 100 degrees Celsius for very low values and about 260 degrees Celsius for higher values depending on the additives in PVC. The most significant benefit of thermoplastics is the ability to get heated at their melting point, cooled, and reheated without any degradation. Therefore, thermoplastics like PVC liquefy to allow easy molding allowing subsequent recycling.

Reasons for the popularity of PVC products

Highly convenient and reliable

The rigidity of PVC backed by the high density leads to the production of products. You can buy pillow box with extreme hardness and strength. These products are readily available online and can be purchased in bulk at wholesale prices. When used for packaging, PVC products are long lasting to keep products safe and intact.


Apart from excessive strength, PVC products have high water resistance. Apart from protecting contents from dust and dirt, there’s no need to worry about water damage. The PVC material has high water resistance to ensure that products are safely intact. This feature makes PVC boxes a good option to keep items safe for a long time. Regardless of whether you’re to keep food items or apparel, PVC boxes will keep the contents safe from any kind of damage for a long time.

Easily customized

Personalizing your packaging material is a great idea to create more awareness about your brand. Printing on plastic with an anti-static device is easy to create packaging boxes with amazing designs. Printing on plastic packaging brings a whole new dimension to turn regular packaging into extraordinary product enhancers. The trick is to choose a reputable online supplier with experience and expertise to guide you in the decision making the process.

Appropriate for various applications

The best thing about opting for PVC packaging material is the ability to work efficiently in various applications. PVC products are strong and long-lasting among other features. This allows packaging a range of items including apparel, flowers, gifts, electronics, wine bottles, and food items like candies. PVC packaging comes with various sizes, thickness, and design and packaged in various quantities. Additionally, PVC packaging comes in handy for a variety of occasions such as giving party favors and giving flowers on Valentine’s Day.


Among the range of packaging on the market, PVC is a wonderful option. it’s readily available, cheaper to acquire, and has high durability. With features such as versatility and ability to be recycled, it’s high time you opted for this packaging option for your business.

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