We're all human, we all go through our ups and downs throughout the day. Workload, family, financial issues, and all those everyday problems we face can take a toll on your nerves. Therefore, maintaining your mental health and wellbeing is necessary to keep yourself sane and your mental health intact. 

Your overall state of wellbeing depends on how you tackle your problems and deal with the daily issues you face. If you bottle things up, don't speak up, and let these things tear you apart internally, you're going to end your day feeling negative and exhausted.  

Everyone copes with these problems differently, some drown their sorrows in a bottle of booze, some 
abuse prescription medication, and those more fortunate will turn to exercise to exert the built-up energy and relieve unwanted stressful tension. 

Mental disorders are a severe problem in the world that not many acknowledge as a leading reason behind the mass shootings and suicides that occur. However, mental disorders can be addressed through the proper channels that support psychological wellbeing. There are clinical studies that show the benefits and behavioral changes in the mentally ill when treated with appropriate psychological practices. These are promising studies for those that want to help those in need of psychological rehabilitation. A school like 
JCU offers a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree for anyone seriously considering this as a career. There are universities all around the world that offer similar degrees, but JCU is known within the community for having one of the best programs in Australia.  

Let's face it, there is nobody out there that doesn't face challenges on a daily basis. These life challenges rarely come without their problems. However, some of these things are really unbearable and extremely difficult to navigate daily. It can be just about anything that can trigger a shift in your mental state. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or a harrowing experience can change the course of your mental state for the worse.

Here are some life-changing events that may spiral your mental state into a place that requires professional help. 

1. A significant loss of life: The loss of a loved one can leave you in a depressed mental state that can be hard to recover from. The pain felt when a loved one is lost 
can be a traumatic event that not everyone can handle on their own. Although death is unavoidable, when it happens, and you experience a loss, it's a painful experience to recover from. Grieving over a loss is okay, but when your mental health is impacted by it, you should seek professional help. Avoiding the reality of these issues may lead to an even bigger problem in the future. 

2.  Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Stress is a part of everyday life, work, family, and responsibilities can add up to cause a lot of stress.  When we get stressed out for long periods of time, it can lead to anxiety, anger, and even depression. There comes a time when a person becomes overwhelmed by the feelings that surface from these hardships, and bad thoughts can begin to brew in their mind. We might isolate ourselves, start thinking negatively, and start getting depressed. This is where problems can arise. Here, it's common that we can become physically ill too. See a professional if you feel this applies to you. 

3. DepressionYou will be loved, you will be hated, and you will be forgotten. When the time comes when you don't feel loved or wanted, this will most likely be an emotional state of mind. Often, there will be a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness that comes across you, and that is a common sign of depression. This isn't easy to snap out of. It is a joint state, and people start losing interest in things and happening in the surrounding. However, a professional psychologist can help you out and make you feel better about your life.

4. Phobias: being afraid of something may lead you to complexity. However, some unusual and unfounded fears can create different problems in your life. 
You need to seek help to come out of such a state to live a healthy life.

5. Domestic issues: every relationship in life has ups and downs, either it is family, friends, work, or spouse. They can be a great source of stress. 

Other things need guidance and help. After all, it is a matter of overall state of wellbeing.  

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