The aura is the field of energy that many people believe surrounds all living plants and animals. This aura, when seen, usually appears as layers of color surrounding the being it is linked to. Some psychics, with a great deal of focus and practice, will learn to become aura readers. As with any psychic ability, some people are born with the ability well developed, but anyone can learn how to do it with practice, patience and belief.
Psychics will all have slightly different personal techniques of how they read auras, but there are some underlying principles which most will have in common. The first, very practical, thing that is required is a good clear background for the subject to stand or sit in front of. So a plain white wall is very common, or a sheet of paper if they are just doing a hand reading. This is essential as it gives the psychic the best chance to have a clear view of the aura. For the best reading subjects will probably be asked to wear plain clothes or the reader may supply a simple white robe.
Psychics will want their subject to be relaxed during the reading. It is not necessary for the subject to be still so the reader may suggest that the subject reads or listens to some relaxing music while the reading is taking place. The psychic themselves will become very relaxed during a reading. They may appear to be a little dizzy as they tune into the frequency of the aura. Some readers will use physical techniques to help them achieve this such as holding their finger tips together and staring through their hands. Others may simply focus their gaze on a part of the subject’s body, such as the forehead.
At this stage psychics will begin to see the aura and start to determine the key colors that are being displayed in the aura. All auras vary and they vary from day to day and moment to moment in each individual. The reader will spend some time focusing on what they can see and deciding on the dominant colors that are in the aura and the way that the colors are interacting with each other. The shades and relative brightness of the colors will also speak to the reader. A good reader will be practiced at holding the aura in their vision and spend some time taking in all its detail.
Psychics will then be able to use the information from their observation by comparing it to their knowledge of what the shades and colors mean. Some will have taken notes during the reading; others will rely on their memories of the experience. The reader will use their knowledge and possibly refer to charts and tables to help them interpret what they have seen.

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