The competition in each industry is very high and that is the reason businesses need to invest hefty in the digital marketing services to bring maximum possible traffic to their websites. Bringing website traffic is not the final step; the businesses need to capture this traffic into the prospect and then to the lead. To capture the leads, the businesses need to use skilled staff and advanced tools. The live chat software is as such tool which helps in increasing the lead generation. There are two types of live chat solutions available in the market:

1. Free
2. Paid

Often businesses choose a cheap way of not investing and opting for the free live chat solution. However, the proprietary live chat software can help in getting even more benefits. Want to know how? Let me share the top 3 benefits of the custom or third party live chat software:

1. White label live chat solution

The custom live chat software offers the white label solution. It means on your website, you will not need to show the logo or branding elements of the free live chat software provider. You might consider it as a negligible benefit, but the fact is, it creates a really big impression on the customers’ mind for any business. The white label live chat software is really beneficial in winning the trust of many high profile customers.

2. Advanced feature

The free live chat software offers limited features. Of course, these features can be enough for the businesses, but advanced live chat features can transform the way the businesses work. For example, some live chat solutions provide chat transfer features. It is same as call transfer and it is really effective in assuring the best responses can be provided to the queries of the customer. The custom live chat solution offers many more features and can be really useful in one way or another.

3. Cost saving

The proprietary live chat software requires one time investment. The businesses don’t need to pay any additional fee. With this one time investment, the business can achieve many more benefits and save expenses. For example, internal chat is the feature offered by many live chat solutions, which comes as a proprietary system. It means the live chat solution lets you take benefit of internal and external chat. This helps in keeping a single solution and saving on any other communication tools. This saves a significant cost on telecommunication and other types of communication.

Concluding Notes

The live chat solution is a really powerful tool, but to make sure it is used at its best, you must make sure to get all available features of it as well as the white label live chat solution. This is only possible with the proprietary solution and that’s the reason it is good to invest on the white label live chat software.

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Mehul S is working in a company which offers customer care solutions such as, live chat solution, CRM system, call center solution, helpdesk ticketing system, etc.