Many people tend to believe in the fact that installing an air conditioner in their house is an easy task. All they need to follow is the instruction manual that comes along with the box, and the rest will be just cakewalk. However, the truth is the process is never that simple.

You can mount a split system in your house and seal the ducts all by yourself, but the big question on it will be, is it all right? Probably not! People who go for DIY air conditioning installation are more likely to encounter severe problems within a few days, and the reason is evidently poor quality installation.

There comes the significance of hiring the most experienced electrician in Brisbanespecialising in AC installation. They know to work fast and that too without leaving any trace of mistakes.

They know all about the right placement, the need of inspection before getting started after installation and most importantly they will charge you much lesser price than the amount that could have gone out from your pocket in the case you have gone for DIY.

Does it seem hard to believe? Let's focus on some of the significant DIY mistakes of AC installation that occur too often.

Mistake 1: Leaving no room at the back of Air Conditioner

People often forget what is there in the back of the air conditioner system. However, if there are shrubs and weeds at the back side, it can restrict the hot air to pass, and that will be a major problem indeed. As you hire a professional, you will see that the first thing they are doing is to clear out everything on the rear side and to create a smooth air passage.

Mistake 2: Wrong Placement

You cannot install the air conditioning system anywhere you like. Instead, you are required to put it in a place where the even distribution of air is made possible. Moreover, if you mount the system in an area that is exposed to high temperature, many problems may occur, and that will surely not be good for you. So, it’s always better to let the experts choose the best location for the installation based on the measurement of the room.

Mistake 3: Having no clue about the insulation needs

In the case you fail to insulate your house correctly after the AC is installed, you will be in significant trouble for sure. It will be a huge mistake on your part, and it will lead you in paying big fat cheques for your energy bills.

Not making proper arrangements for insulating the indoors is more like making way for the cool air to pass off. You will not be able to control the temperature appropriately the pressure will fall on the compressor of your air conditioner. Evidently, the outcome will be your worst nightmare.

The professionals you will call up to install air conditioning in Brisbane check the existing insulation and seal up any open space if it is there. It holds up the air for a long time and gives you the desired temperature inside without increasing your energy bills.


Hope the above discussion has made you aware of the mistakes that you can make and also about the consequences that will pop up thereafter. It's better late than never. So, before you decide on making such costly mistakes, it is better to call up the professionals as soon as possible.

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The author is associated with the service to install air conditioning in Brisbane and also know the contribution of the electrician in Brisbanefor a successful installation.