A refrigerator is a necessity in modern households. Like various other appliances which have become a part of our lifestyle, the refrigerator too is mandatory machinery which is designed to keep food items fresh and cool. The cooling mechanism of the refrigerator is dependent upon some key components which include the baffle, the air damper and diffuser. These devices are engineered to balance airflow emanating from an evaporator fan.

What is an evaporator fan?

If you are having confusion in understanding this major component here is what you should know. The evaporator fan is a flapper. Drawing air from the refrigeration system it blows the same cool air over an evaporator coil. Modern refrigeration systems contain a liquid refrigerant which is responsible in absorbing heat followed by which it blows cooler air throughout the refrigerator. However, this liquid refrigerant begins to vaporise when it gets heated and then moves towards the compressor.

When the baffle gets damaged, or if the connector between the control knob becomes faulty; there is a chance that excessive cold air will enter different compartments resulting in too much of freezing. The evaporator fan is housed inside a plastic casing which is further surrounded by Styrofoam lining. When anything goes wrong with this part of the refrigerator it is more likely of a householder to call up Fridge Repair services in Preston.

Processes through which a professional can inspect the refrigerator’s “air-inlet” damper

Following are ways through which professionals can inspect the damper of a refrigerator:

• After unplugging the refrigerator the expert will try to locate the baffle or damper. It is mostly located near the food compartment where cooler air enters fresh food.
• Furthermore the expert will intervene into the matter in a way such that the casing to the baffle doesn’t get affected
• He will then examine the manoeuvrability of the control knob to ensure it is in perfect working condition
• Soon after this, the expert will try to find out if the damper is stuck either in a closed position or is completely closed

Temperature sensor

Modern refrigerators comprise a thermistor which is used to sense temperature. Since it works on an electronic mechanism it will routinely adjust the baffle as per the prevailing temperature. Featuring an encased capsule, the thermistor has two wires connected and is generally positioned near an air inlet.

Main control board

When offering Fridge Repair West Hoxton, the professional will also look into the main control board to identify if there is anything wrong with the component. Contemporary models showcase an electronically run control board controlling various functionalities of the machine. The control board features sensors which help monitor the freshness of food and the temperature of different compartments. The control board sends signals to the compressor along with the fans for the defrost system to work properly. When the control board turns defective it will not be able to send signals as a result of which the food compartment may turn too cold.

Also, the “cold control thermostat” is responsible for monitoring temperature inside a refrigerator. If anything goes wrong with these components the refrigerator may ultimately undergo damage. Hence it is necessary to get the system checked with the help of professionals.


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