"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree..."

Posture is your body's smile. It reflects your inner health, physically, emotionally and even how your chemistry functions.

Physically, our structure must be balanced to remain healthy and for all the moving parts of our body to perform their functions optimally. When we are physically active and fit, our posture naturally finds the symmetry and balance that helps us remain flexible and relaxed, whether we are in a standing, sitting or sleeping position. Having the awareness of your posture and giving it the attention it needs, is usually a sign of a person who is giving other areas in their life attention also. Perfect structure allows perfect function. Nature designed the human body to run, skip and jump, sit, rest and sleep in a pain-free and vital manner. Keep moving and your posture will naturally find a better balance, as you'll feel better too.

Emotionally, our posture reflects how we are feeling. When we are sad or tired, it shows in our posture. When we are excited or joyful, this also shows in our posture. We can often use the feedback from our posture to change our physiology. Try standing up as tall as you can, raising your arms high above your head and imagine you have just been awarded the highest award you can imagine. Now shout "Yahooo, I did it!" "I feel great!" "Thank you!" If you really do this with all your energy, your physiology changes, your brain feels the emotions of your posture. Champions know how to carry themselves, as maybe they win more often because they hold themselves like a champion should. Try it!

Chemically, many processes are happening in our body at all times, some on auto pilot and some we can control, examples, your heart beating, your blood flowing, your digestion, etc. When our posture is healthy, strong and balanced, our organs have more room on the inside to function and flow without restrictions. Your breathing is deeper, more oxygen flows to your cells, your cells are happy and smile when they receive efficient blood flow and oxygen. Poor posture can lead to painful neck muscles, back muscles and even conditions such as carpal tunnel and sciatica. These are conditions that are painful. Pain causes a different wave of chemistry to flow through your body, as stress hormones are produced and you feel worse.

In conclusion, your health will reflect in your posture and your posture can influence your health. Most of the time, we notice that our posture could improve and many times, others will notice it before we do. Healthy posture starts at an early age naturally, however we need to work at it to keep it healthy for a lifetime.

Author's Bio: 

Wall Street Chiropractic And Wellness is a proud family business. Dr. Charles V. Nicolai graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, and has been in practice for over 20 years. He, his lovely wife, and their son live the healthy lifestyle he encourages amongst his patients, friends and family. Various services include overall chiropractic care, nutritional wellness, and physical therapy.

With advanced degrees in business, as well as being a Fortune 500 private investor and the founder of two other businesses prior, Stephanie Adams-Nicolai is the driving force behind the scenes alongside her husband and at times the representative forefront for Wall Street Chiropractic And Wellness at corporate functions.

As partners, the Nicolais created a vision and incorporate their unified belief in natural healing within all of their wellness companies. Together, inspired by their son, they welcome you to Wall Street Chiropractic And Wellness to achieve the good health that they and their family live by as well.