Gambling might not be exactly a surefire way of making money online since in most cases the gambler has zero control over the odds. However, when it comes to matched betting, the story is completely different. What you do is place bets with different bookmakers to benefit from the bonus incentives available, known as free bets. Most betting sites have software to guide users on the best bets to place, when to place them and where. You will also need a matched betting calculator like, you can use So you might be wondering what this matched betting is. Well, by the time you are done reading this article you will be a matched betting ignorant no more!
What Is Matched Betting
Matched betting is a great way of making extra money online, but not many people are aware of it. It is different from gambling because gambling is pure luck and the chances of winning are usually slimmer compared to those of winning. Matched betting is very different from gambling because you will make money no matter what the bet result is. A little confusing but it will be clear soon.
What happens is that you place a bet the same way you do on a betting site then place another bet on another site which bets the opposite way of the initial bet. This process is referred to as a betting exchange. For example, your first bet could be that a certain women's team will win in, a matched betting scenario you will then place another bet on another site by betting that the women's team will not win and that could be a draw or a loss.
The idea here is that the bets will cancel each other out. You will of course not win any money because you placed a bet against yourself. You make money courtesy of the free bet bonuses that the betting sites use as incentives to get users to sign up and spend their money placing bets. The moment you use a free bet to place one of the two bets on both sites, you will receive the free bet money. For example, you signed up on a betting site and were given £60 free bet as a welcome bonus and you used it. You will then receive a percentage of that £60 minus any fees that have been deducted. Do this many times and you will make consistent amounts from just matched betting. In the beginning, you will not earn a lot but after you get the hang of the process, you can get a decent income.
Matching Bet Terminology
Like with all new things there is terminology to learn to help you know what you are doing. Here are some terms to understand and keep in mind library management system.
Back Bet
This is nothing new but the bet that you make on a betting site when you are gambling.
Lay Bet
This is the action taken that makes it different from gambling. It is the bet that you place at the betting exchange site to the first back bet that you made.
Remember that you can’t make good money on every match that will be played. In Gambling, you will only make money where the odds favor you. Matched betting adopts a similar trait but you will need the odds of the back bet and the lay bet to be as close as possible for them to successfully cancel each other out.
An effective way of doing this is changing the odds on the sites to be seen as decimals instead of fractions. This will allow you to see where the odds are close. A good example is 4.4 and 4.6. You could do it the manual way of going through both betting sites and finding that back bet and lay bet that are close. You could also use a site that will do the donkey work for you. Such sites have matching software, betting calculators, and step-by-step instructions on the sign-up offers, a forum, and many other helpful features. These sites save a lot of money and time and they will also tell you how much you should bet and how much you will make.
How Much People Make With Matched Betting
There many who make more than £1000 per month but in the end, it will all come down to how much time you put into the process. Keep in mind that this is not a passive income stream and that it is a reap what you sow scenario. Actually, you are practically trading your time for the money but the hourly rate is impressive. You also don't need a lot of money to start earning with matched betting. Just a little because you have to put money into the betting exchange for the lay bet but don't worry because you will be earning it right back.
You can even start with a $100 but bare in mind that the more money you begin with, the more money you will make quickly. If you start with little money, then you will have to wait for every bet to be done and it is done after the football game is over for example. Until then you cannot withdraw the money. If you have a large amount to begin your matched betting process then you don’t have to wait for a single bet to be done, you can keep placing the other bets. Making that more than £1000 in a month is very possible. All you need are a few hours to begin your bets and you are well on your way to serious earning.
After your sign up offers are exhausted, you will then receive reloaded offers from the betting sites because they need to retain you as a customer. Because they are many you will make good money in the end. You will even make more money when there are big tournaments and events.
There you have it, matched betting is real and that is how people are using it to make tax free money. Find reliable sites that will make the exercise lucrative. This is definitely another way of making money online that is waiting for you to take advantage of.

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