Financials team of the company requires sophisticated application to increase business accuracy, simplified reporting for easy decision making from the low level to top level management, Oracle fusion connects every data from different business processes and post to the ledger.
The data from various modules like Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Fixed Assets, Expenses and Projects etc. Every transactions that enter in the Oracle fusion from all these modules are finally hit the ledger book the company.
Ledger book is also a profile & loss book the business and which is why every important for every organization to detail the data from there to take business decisions of the company. There are lot of prebuilt report given by Oracle and we can customize them based on the client requirement and can built completely new reports also, during Oracle fusion financials project implementation every consultant has to study the business reports and building the same/new reports based on the discussion with client and there is a process to develop them..
Step1- Document the requirement, Step2-Develop the report, Step3- Test the report, Step4-Production Live.
Oracle Fusion is the single source of the data and business can rely and trust on it. Oracle fusion can handle any amount and type of data from many sources which gives deep visibility to improve the operational efficiency and creating consistency in the business operations.
Various advantages to discuss, some of them are below.
i. User friendly application
ii. Improving the accounting accuracy
iii. Eliminating manual errors
iv. Meeting every country standards and especially US Federal Standards.
v. Improving the data analytics and reporting
vi. Performing business operations on-time
vii. Business automation with larger productivity
viii. Effective policy monitor and enforcement
ix. Better Payments/Receipts Tracking
x. Transactions reconciliation
xi. Value added business results
xii. Real time global visibility
xiii. Handling global taxation policies
Oracle fusion financials is the best choice for the business to achieve the desired goals of the business. Rise with confidence to introduce new business models and new paths to take away business to the next level.
Oracle fusion financials implemented and trusted by many companies across the globe from various business domains
 Telecommunications
 Airlines
 Health
 Education
 Banking
 Finance
 Pharma
Fitness Industry
 Retail Industry
 Manufacturing
 Automobile
 Oil & Gas sector
 Entertainment sector
 Government sectors
 Federal companies
You can visit Oracle site to watch success stories from different clients who got implemented and able to find the difference in their day to day business operations which increased customer satisfaction which is more potential for every company success. Let’s join Oracle Cloud ERP to be part of the successful journey, we will be with you to support in this journey.
Oracle fusion financials online training is the best choice for the accounting professional to continue their current job and completing the course from online to upgrade carrier into Oracle Fusion financials side for switching from Core accounting to the IT side, we help you to achieve your goals and we have transformed many students into various jobs. Soft Online Training got really excellent trainers to demonstrate each and every corner of the application with beautiful examples which can be understood by every individual.
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Soft Online Training delivers Oracle fusion financials training from classroom/online/for corporates either in the form of in-house training or virtual class room training. The course content can be customized based on the needs of the company trainings and we leverage every participant experience while teaching the topics.
Financials modules that comes under this course.
1. General Ledger
2. Accounts Payables
3. Accounts Receivables
4. Cash Management
5. Fixed Assets
6. Fusion Taxes
7. Intercompany
8. Procurement
9. Inventory
10. OTBI
The course pattern designed to impart utmost knowledge to the students, our students carriers are growing and we are growing with it.

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