Education from past a few years has shifted from physical classroom study to virtual education. Whiteboards, be it physical or virtual, have always been an active participant in a classroom study. Ziyyara while offering its virtual lessons makes sure that tutors use the online whiteboards to interact with students so that they learn and understand their lessons better. Here I bring you 12 most frequently asked question about online whiteboards and their use.

Read along and get all your doubts cleared regarding virtual classroom and importance of online whiteboards for study.

What is an online whiteboard?

Just like any other whiteboard, an online whiteboard is a virtual whiteboard that allows tutors and students to interact with each other and discuss their lessons. It gives you the liberty to write, draw, erase and make all sorts of illustrations or charts needed to explain and understand the concept of the lesson better.

Online whiteboards are good for tutors, what about students?

Online whiteboards are not just useful for teachers but they are equally necessary for students and they can use the same whiteboard used by their teacher in the real-time online during a class.
This helps a student to point out his or her query distinctively and also the tutor understands better about what exactly a student wants to say or ask. Both students and tutors can be connected to the same online whiteboard and share their views and discussions about the ongoing topic.

As Ziyyara focuses on one-on-one student and tutor interaction, online whiteboards are extremely important in our virtual classrooms and we ensure that every tutor makes the most of the online whiteboard in their virtual classrooms.

We have experienced that online whiteboards are popular amongst students as they get to use it as actively as their teachers and they can access it on the platform that they are using for study, be it a laptop, ipad or smartphone.
Is it really helpful in virtual classrooms when you already have access to 3-D diagrams and e-books with illustrations?
Of course! We do have a sea of information available on the internet and tutors and students can avail this information during their virtual classroom session but when it comes to personal tutoring, online whiteboards ace the race because explanation along with physical movement and real-time examples give the best clarity and the student is able to understand better.

Also, you can store the information or a solution that you did in a classroom and revise it whenever you want. This makes online whiteboard an important participant in a virtual classroom again.
Also, when a tutor uses an online whiteboard and explains a concept to the student, he or she retains it better in their memory and it helps them to learn the concept forever.

What makes online whiteboards a success?

There are many reasons for the popularity of online whiteboards in the virtual education era. As young children these days are more familiar with e-books and iPads rather than conventional methods of study, online whiteboards are an instant hit with new tech-savvy students.

* For tutors, it gives them the opportunity to plan their lessons well in advance. This makes the structural flow of the lesson smoother and children tend to understand better when the tutor is confident and clear with the flow of topics they wish to address.

* An online whiteboard also offers to save your writing and illustrations so you can always have a review and revise matter handy. You can use these classroom notes while preparing for your exams much later and recall the classroom study. This not only helps you to understand the concept clearly but also gives you the liberty to go through them whenever you wish to.

* As Ziyyara believes that each student has different learning and grasping capabilities, online whiteboard is the best tutoring method used by our tutors. Online whiteboard allows the students to learn at their own pace and they can also record the lesson and rewind them again if needed.

* Conventional chalk and duster method is out of fashion long back and both tutors and students like to use virtual methods. This makes learning a fun-filled experience for both of them. Students love when tutors interact with them through virtual means like online whiteboards and other illustrations. Many online whiteboards are equipped with exciting touch screens enhances your real-time experience with your tutor.

What are the possible glitches of the online whiteboard?

The glory of online whiteboard sounds good, but what can be the glitches? No facility comes without hidden shortcomings and when it comes to education, one needs to be extra careful as the future of students is at stake. The most common glitch that can be faced by the students and tutors while using an online whiteboard can be delayed real-time experience. This happens due to network or server issues. However, this glitch can be tackled by investing properly in top-notch server providers. Recorded online whiteboard tutorials can also come in handy to overcome this glitch.

Since the introduction of online whiteboards nearly 3 decades ago, this has been the only glitch observed while using them. Otherwise online whiteboards have proved themselves to be highly important and efficient for imparting education by virtual means.

Tutors at Ziyyara use the most of online whiteboards with all the applications different online whiteboards have to offer and make sure that they don’t lack in any way to encourage the personal interaction between their students and them. This also helps them to understand the learning pace of their student and they can get along in a better way.

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