As an entrepreneur—and a busy Mommy—any time that I can do one thing and get a lot of results out of it, I’m happy. In fact, it’s my favorite thing to do and to teach my clients to do.

I hate to see people not leveraging their time, and it’s just so unnecessary, because the opportunities for one step yielding multiple wins are all around.

For example, by taking the one step to write this article, I get to include it in this ezine and give you some great ideas that you can immediately apply. We repurpose the article by using it in my blog. The ezine keeps us connected, so if you are thinking of working with a mentor or seeking a quantum leap in your business, our relationship is warm. And, finally, the ezine is always pushing me to organize my thinking and share it in a way that creates new and valuable content, which distinguishes my own teachings at a higher level.

That’s four amazing results from one single action.
And the same is true about attending live events. That one action can energize you and your business in a ton of different ways, simultaneously! Just a few days at one live event can bring you:

1. Powerful networking. For example, at one of our events, you’re putting yourself right into the center of hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs from all over the world. With our other attendees you can co-promote, JV, and mastermind. You can also take them on as clients, get booked to speak through them, and give and get referrals. Name a positive outcome from a chance meeting at an event, and it’s happened. The networking opportunities at events like ours are golden.

2. A vital retreat. Going to an event gets you out from behind your email, your clients, and (as we all need occasionally), your kids, giving you the evenings and breaks for deep self-contemplation or a much-needed night out on the town.

3. Extraordinary content. And then there’s what you actually went there to learn. For example, at our upcoming event, Impact & Influence Intensive, it’s how to package, price and sell your expertise so that you can duplicate the systemized plan I used for building my own business to the multimillion dollar level from home in a few short years.

4. A mini-vacation. If you’re smart, as a bonus, after the event, you’ll take an extra day for integration or a little fun, perhaps seeing a friend in the area you haven’t seen in a while or checking out local sights. This year we’re in Long Beach near the Queen Mary and a ton of other really fun attractions and beach cities.

Again, one single action yields four amazing results.
And if you’d like to see how attending Impact & Influence Intensive can be the one-move, multiple-results action for you, click the link to learn all you need to know.

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Recently honored as one of America’s Top Women Mentoring Leaders by WoW Magazine, Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion,” teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being “sales-y.”

Recognized sales expert by Success Magazine, Lisa delivers high-impact sales-closing strategies for turbo-charging entrepreneurs and small business owners to great profits.

According to best-selling author Brian Tracy, “Lisa Sasevich is one of the greatest discoveries in America today!”

Kym and Sandra Yancey of e-Women Network say that “without question she is brilliant at teaching others how to leverage their unique gifts and qualities and convert them into a financial windfall. She is one authentic, heart-centered expert that delivers in spades!”

Robert Allen, author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers says, “She added a zero to my income today just by watching her. Lisa Sasevich. Watch that name and whatever you do, be part of what she’s doing. You’re going to love it.”

After 25 years of winning Top Sales Awards and training senior executives at companies like Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard, she left corporate America and put her skills to the test as an entrepreneur.

And in just a few short years, Lisa created a multi-million dollar home-based business with two toddlers in tow and her husband in medical school. Lisa is the undisputed expert on how to make BIG money doing what you love!