Although succulents need less amount of water to survive, they cannot survive in absence of water. But too much water is harmful to the succulents. If you want to grow up your succulents beautifully, you need to know the right watering frequency for this succulent plant.
Now, you have to face the question: how often do you water your succulent plant? The watering frequency is determined by many factors; such as temperature, climate, season, soil condition, etc. Before you make the decision of how often and how much water you will give to your succulent plants, make sure you checked out the mentioned factors.

If the soil is dry, you will water the succulents. This is the general rule for watering succulents. The moisture of soil becomes affected by the determining factors. For example, during the winter or rainy season, need to water less frequently. But in drought season, more frequent watering is required.
Climate is also the biggest determiner that affects watering frequency. So, it is important to be aware of the right time for watering your succulents to avoid mistakes.

How long can succulents survive in absence of water?
In absence of water, the surviving time of succulents depends on the season or climate. During the winter season, succulents can survive one week or more without any water. Because, in winter, the succulents can gain water from the air carrying moisture. There are many types of succulent each one has unique characteristics. However, you can get different types of succulent on the Succulent Market .

But during the summer, the survival period becomes shorter for lacking air carrying moisture. So, you have to water your plants more frequently.

How often and how much water the indoor succulents need?
It always varies on the temperature and the climate conditions of the place. It also relies on the size of the succulents. Smaller succulents need a ¼ cup of water every week.

On the other hand, 1 ½ cups of water per week is sufficient for large size succulents. Depending on the soil moisture, you can also give more or less water. If the soil becomes dried after some days, you need to water them again. So, there is no single rule to control the complete watering process.
The needs become different depending on the environment and the succulent’s size. So, you have to know your plants better and gather more experiments about the watering rules.

How often and how much water the outdoor succulents need?
The watering rules for outdoor succulents are quite similar to the indoor succulents watering process. But the impact of climate is more robust on the outdoor succulents than the indoor one. In drought season, these succulents are fully exposed to direct sunlight that may cause their death. So, you should have watered them more frequently during this type of season.

The watering interval for outdoor succulents should be more frequent than for indoor succulents. For these plants, the 2-4-day interval is better. But in the rainy season, it requires no watering effort on your part. However, again mentioned that watering frequency depends on the condition. So, monitor your succulents constantly.

How do seasons affect the watering interval?
Seasons are the most prominent factor that determines the watering schedule for the succulents. Each season has its own impact on the plants’ growth. So, every season has a different watering schedule.

During the summer season, the temperature of the air is typically very high and the air carries moisture is too low. For this, the moisture of the soil evaporates quickly. So, you have to maintain a more frequent watering schedule for your succulents.

During the fall, you have to provide water less frequently than in the summer. During this period, watering once a week is enough.

Winter is the coldest season. In this season, the air carries more moisture that helps the plants to gain necessary water. So, you have to provide less amount of water and have to maintain a less frequent watering schedule.

In spring, the temperature begins to rise again. To tackle this frequent change, succulents need more and more water. Generally, watering once a week is sufficient for your succulents.

To get beautiful succulents, you can follow all of these watering rules.

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